zero2proAs a MLM business operating online, the sole purpose of your website should be to convey important information about your business to prospective members and customers.

At least that’s what any reputable business should have up and running at the very least before they even thought about launching.

Meanwhile over at Zero2Pro, the owner(s) have decided to provide us with a wonderful example of how not to launch a MLM business.

The Company

Zero2Pro reveal no information about who is running or owns the company on its website.

Despite having an ‘About Zero2Pro’ section on the website, it simply houses the placeholder

Describe about your company here…

Describe about your company here…

Describe about your company here…

Indicating that Zero2Pro is using some kind of script template with the admin not having bothered to set up the script properly before uploading it and launching the company.

The domain is registered to

Best Buys and Services Global .Com Pty Ltd

Woodlands, Western Australia 6018


and lists an Administrative Contact as ‘Michael Dutton’ with the same listed address.

One can only presume that Michael Dutton is the owner and operator of Zero2Pro.

Dutton’s company Best Buys and Services Global .Com Pty Ltd has been registered in Australia since the 24th May 2006 with the ABN 76 119 856 692.

There’s also another business ‘Best Buys & Services Global Communications Pty Ltd’ which has been operating since July 2005 (ABN: 87 114 645 920). Both companies are registered under the Western Australia Postcode of 6018 so I think it’s safe to say both are owned and operated by Dutton.

Under the name ‘Mike Dutton’, Dutton has previously launched the MLM company ‘Join4adollar’ in early 2010.

Join4aDollar appears to have been some sort of $1 to join matrix based feeder program (recruitment based) to raise funds for members to join another MLM opportunity.

The Zero2Pro Product Line

Here’s how Zero2Pro describe their product(s):

Describe about your product here… Describe about your product here…

Describe about your product here… Describe about your product here…

The company’s products page does make mention of downloads, so it’s a safe bet that Zero2Pro is going to be offering some kind of digital product.

As to whether there will be any retail sales of this product or whether it will be tied into members of the company, the source code of the Zero2Pro website contains the following line,

About us, Zero2Pro – offers extremely sophisticated, full featured Multi Level Marketing / MLM scripts, HYIP, Downline Builder, Reseller & Affiliate

Script4Profit are a MLM script company that sell various scripts people can purchase and start their own MLM companies with.

The source code of Zero2Pro currently contains 5 mentions of JPG files with the name containing ‘eg_business’. EgBusiness just happens to be one of the scripts sold by Script4Profit.

EgBusiness is a complete feature script, which can be used for many kinds of online business such as Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate, Reseller, Member Get Member, Support System, Downline Builder, Force Matrix, Member Management etc..

From the sounds of it, EgBusiness appears to generate membership driven opportunities and subsequently, the chances of Zero2Pro having any products not tied into membership seem slim.

The Zero2Profit Compensation Plan

Zero2Profit use a 2×10 matrix to pay out commissions. Starting with you at the top, two legs branch out from under you and in turn two legs branch out under these two. This structure continues down 10 levels, with the first few levels looking something like this:

Zero2Pro haven’t released any specifics yet, but I have seen mention of a ‘residual income’ so it’s a safe bet that there’s going to be some kind of monthly commission offered for each member sitting in your matrix.

Whether there’s a direct recruitment commission offered or not at this stage remains unclear.

Joining Zero2Pro

Those wishing to join Zero2Pro are up for a one time $11 membership fee.


Michael Dutton appears to have just purchased EgBusiness, attached it to a domain and started to take in new members without even bothering to explain Zero2Pro’s business model, profits, owner details or company info.

At this stage all signs are pointing to yet another matrix based MLM opportunity that simply pays out commissions based on the amount of people recruited to the program who sit in your matrix.

At $11 a pop to join and monthly commissions being offered, I imagine it won’t be too long before there aren’t enough new members joining to cover the residual commissions owed out to existing members.

Australia has some pretty strict laws on running pyramid schemes like this, so I don’t see Zero2Pro lasting too long at all.


Update 10th January 2011 – It appears Michael Dutton has launched two similar programs around the same time, with Zero2Pro being a feeder to the more expensive ‘On2Wealth’.

The On2Wealth website runs on the same Script4Profit backend and operates in the exact same manner as Zero2Pro, except instead of a $11 membership with On2Wealth you’re looking at $35.

Like Zero2Pro, the On2Wealth website appears to have gone live prematurely and also contains template placeholders like

Describe about the business system here… Describe about the business system here…
Describe about the business system here… Describe about the business system here…
Describe about the business system here… Describe about the business system here…

where in place actual information about the company should be.

Either that, or Michael Dutton is one of the laziest MLM opportunity admins out there and doesn’t care.