zeekrewardsNews today that the Zeek Rewards net-winner world tour continues, with Norway the latest country to see clawback litigation filed against those who refuse to return money they stole from victims.

Filed on the 19th of February the Receiver’s complaint names eleven Norwegian Zeek investors, who collectively stole over $1 million dollars.

  • Geir Vidar Pleym stole $256,917.29 under one or more usernames, including “freeasabird.” Appears to be the owner of the business Golden Eagle Consulting in Norway.
  • Roger Guldahl stole $200,271.51 under one or more usernames, including “norway.” Now an affiliate of Enagic through which he sells Kangen ionic water systems.
  • Anne Liv Dale $158,896.14 under one or more usernames, including “ALGold777.” Lists herself as “self-employed” and working in “Financial Services” on her LinkedIn profile.
  • Fredrik Skjoldt stole  $97,694.27 under one or more usernames, including “lambo.” Appears to have been involved in the World Ventures pyramid scheme and likes to collect Lamborghinis:

50th Anniversary in Lamborghini’s city

The company displayed 12 vehicles in Piazza dei Martiri in Sant’Agata Bolognese, including, among others,
the Aventador LP 700-4 Coupé and Roadster and the Countach LP 400 (chassis number 002).

This Countach was the first ever sold and was specifically brought to Italy for the event by Norwegian collector Fredrik

It originally belonged to Farah Diba, wife of the then Shah of Persia.

  • Robert Ulvberget stole $72,569.11 under one or more usernames, including “megamaniac.” Now an affiliate with Asea (salt water).
  • Stian Alexander Karlsen stole $65,000.94 under one or more usernames, including “xander09.”
  • Pia Cecilie Fore stole $62,115.13 under one or more usernames, including “julie4.”
  • Knut Fore stole $60,436.49 under one or more usernames, including “speedykf.” Was also an Asea affiliate in 2012, not sure if he’s still involved with the company.
  • Morten Skaar, through a shell company he ran with Fredrik Skjoldt called “CMS Huset AS”, stole $57,586.54 under one or more usernames, including “huset.”
  • Odd Steinar Nordlien stole $55,019.09 under one or more usernames, including “quadrant.” Also appears to be an Asea affiliate as of 2013.
  • Anne-Mette Helland stole  $53,428.51 under one or more usernames, including “AMGold 777.”

As with the other non-US clawback litigation, $50,000 appears to be the threshold.

And note sure what’s with all the Asea affiliates jumping on board. Sounds like someone decided getting involved in Zeek would be a good move for their downline.

The Receiver has asked the Western District Court of North Carolina to enter judgement against the named defendants. This would see them ordered to pay back the funds they stole, along with pre and post-judgment interest.


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of the Receiver’s clawback litigation against Zeek’s top Norwegian investors.