zeekrewardsAmazingly, over 44,000 approved Zeek Rewards victim claims have not yet had the required OFAC Certification and Required Release submitted.

The Receivership Team has tried on multiple occasions to contact the Subject Affiliates to request that each provide the Required Information on the Claim Portal.

First, the Receivership Team notified the Subject Affiliates when their respective claims had been reviewed.

Thereafter, the Receivership Team has periodically contacted the Subject Affiliates via email and through numerous postings on the Receivership website to remind the Subject Affiliates to submit the
Required Information.

The most recent communications were on October 1, 2016 and November 1, 2016.

Funds have been reserved to pay out these claims, but it appears the time has come to set a deadline.

In a filing dated November 3rd, the Zeek Receiver has asked for a deadline of December 31st.

The Receiver intends to contact affiliates with deficient filings again on December 1st.

If these affiliates haven’t submitted the required filings by December 31st, the Receiver has asked the court for permission to disallow the claims.

The Receiver intends to use any such forfeited distributions to make further distributions to the holders of Allowed Claims.

If you’re a Zeek victim with one of the 44,000 claims, what on Earth are you waiting for?


Update 17th November 2016 – On November 10th Judge Mullen granted the Receiver’s motion.