zeekrewardsPossibly hoping that, if he can’t be found, he might escape facing up to his part in defrauding investors of $850 million dollars, Oscar Hubert Brown is on the run.

With the 120 day deadline to serve Brown looming, the Zeek Receiver has requested additional time to track him down.

The Receiver’s lawsuit against Brown was filed on March 26th, which put the 120 day deadline at July 24th.

As of this date, here’s a status update as to the whereabouts of Brown:

After a thorough investigation, the Receiver only recently located a possible alternative address for Mr. Brown.

Previous to finding this address, the Receiver made multiple attempts to serve Mr. Brown via FedEx at his last known address.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the Receiver engaged Carolina Civil Process Service, a private investigation firm (“the Firm”).

The Firm attempted to serve Mr. Brown in person at that address. The current occupant advised that Mr. Brown was not a resident at this address and was not known to the current occupant.

The Firm then conducted an investigation and identified a possible alternative address.

Several unsuccessful attempts were made at this address, until July 17, 2015. At that time, the Firm had personal contact with the current occupant, an unidentified female, who advised that Mr. Brown is a resident but currently out of state and his expected return date was unknown to her.

She declined to identify herself and closed the door.

The Firm subsequently attempted to effect service at that address ten additional times, to no avail.

A little bit too much *wink wink, nudge nudge* going on there if you ask me, with Brown likely having advised those who might be approached to play dumb.

Describing Brown as “evasive” in nature, the Zeek Receiver has requested an extension to hunt down and serve him.

In light of the apparent evasiveness of Mr. Brown and/or occupants at his residence, the Receiver believes that there is good cause for the failure thus far, warranting a mandatory extension.

Nonetheless, even if the Court does not find good cause, the Receiver requests a discretionary extension pursuant to Rule 4(m) for a period of sixty days.

In light of the foregoing, the Receiver respectfully requests a sixty-day extension of time, up to and including September 26, 2015, within which to serve Mr. Brown with the Summons and Complaint in this matter.

The Zeek Receiver’s request was made on July 28th, with Judge Mullen approving it on July 29th.

If found, OH Brown faces a lawsuit which alleges he received over a quarter of a million dollars in stolen Ponzi funds. His whereabouts since the lawsuit was filed back in March remain unknown.

Will Brown be found and served in time? Stay tuned…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of the Zeek Receiver’s July 28th “Motion For Extension Of Time To Serve” OH Brown and Judge Mullen’s July 29th order of approval.