zeekrewardsZeek Rewards mastermind Paul Burks’ criminal trial is only a few months away.

Increasingly, the legal showdown looks like it’s going to pit scammer against scammer in a battle royale.

The latest suspicions that former Zeek Rewards management will be pitted against him, come no less than from Burks himself.

Up until she went into hiding after her infamous Ponzi burger analogy, Dawn Wright-Olivares was pretty much Paul Burks right-hand uh, woman.

Wright-Olivares was Zeek Rewards’ spokesperson and more often than not, while Burks sat in his office and typed in the daily ROI his investors were paid, was out and about spinning PR for the scheme.

Wright-Olivares knows stuff, and this seemingly has Paul Burks terrified.

Paul Burks, the former owner of defunct ZeekRewards, is asking a federal judge for access to sealed filings from a separate criminal case involving other officials accused of taking part in the alleged Ponzi scheme.

Burks’ attorneys say filings involving Dawn Wright Olivares, the chief operating officer of ZeekRewards, and her stepson, Daniel Olivares, the senior technology officer, are important to Burks’ defense.

Specifically, Burks is asking to see sealed pre-sentence investigation reports in the Olivares criminal case, filed in June, September and October of last year.

According to Burks’ motion, “it is clear from the government’s discovery productions to date that (the Olivareses) will be key prosecution witnesses against Burks.”

“It is also clear that both (Olivareses) have a tremendous amount to gain or lose from their anticipated testimony,” particularly on company business decisions.

Burks’ attorneys claim the Olivareses have “abruptly changed their tunes” on the legitimacy of the company’s operations after claiming for years that it was compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Oh my! From the sounds of it this trial is going to be delicious.

Burks wants the court to reveal to him “whom he is alleged to have conspired with, particularly when the government claims to know who those persons are,” as well as other potential criminal charges that the government may file against him.

He wants prosecutors to give him a definition of what they mean by Ponzi scheme and how it is applied in his indictment.

Bit late for that isn’t it? And wasn’t this all already disclosed in discovery pertaining to the criminal case against Burks already?

Burks’ eagerly anticipated trial is currently scheduled to kick off in May. If found guilty, Burks faces multiple 20 and 5 year prison terms and potentially millions in fines.

Stay tuned…