zeekrewardsInteresting times ahead, with Canadian Zeek Rewards net-winners now facing an April 2016 trial.

Together, Catherine Parker, Xiaomei Wang, Beverley Dawn Trca-Kitchen, Bin Xu, Joel Broughton, Feng Guang Wu, Don Fitz-Ritson, Ruth Konig, Buan Jun Zhang, Leon Killam, Guo Hua Liang, Sandra Gavel, Yong Sheng Wang, Devey Dejong, The estate of Bruce Richard Foeller, Brian Fussey, Shao Zhang Huang, James Macelwain, Eugene Veinotte, 0937702B.C. LTD, Michael Gallup, Jia Yu Wang, Ying Liu, Jane Ferguson, Zahid Ali and Mei-Ping Liang made off with $2.91 million of Zeek victim’s funds.

In a filing issued on the 3rd of August, Judge Mullen ordered that an expert report be filed by the Zeek Receiver no later than August 15th, 2015.

The Canadian net-winner defendants named above then have to file a response within 75 days.

If required, another 30 days after that is allocated to the Receiver to file a rebuttal.

Finally after all of that and discovery is out of the way, we get into the good stuff:

The trial is scheduled for the April 11, 2016 term and is expected to take 5 days.

A number of Canadian defendants have had default judgement entered against them, so how a trial against them is going to go I’m not sure. Ditto what happens if they wake up and decide to settle (read: pay back what they stole).

Stay tuned!


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Judge Mullen’s August 3rd “Pretrial Order and Case Management Plan”.


Update 4th March 2016 – As per a March 2nd order by Judge Mullen, the Canadian net-winner trial has been rescheduled for September 6th, 2016.


Update 24th August 2016 – As per an August 15th order, the Canadian net-winner trial has been rescheduled for the February 2017 term.