zeekrewardsLast November saw the Receiver file a clawback lawsuit against twenty-five Canadian Zeek Rewards investors.

Some have replied to the litigation filed against them, but a number of net-winners chose to simply ignore the proceedings against them.

Allowing sufficient time for a reply to be filed to pass, this resulted in the Receiver filing for default judgement against eight of the investors in late December.

In orders filed yesterday, the Court Clerk granting the motions for a total of $669,368.

In no particular order, default judgement has now been entered in against:

  • Catherine Parker – $213,953 ($179,656 requested and $34,297 in interest)
  • Leon Killam – $129,464 ($108,690 requested and $20,773 in interest)
  • Yong Sheng Wang – $105,917 ($88,579 requested and $17,337 in interest)
  • Brian Fussey – $81,332 ($68,294 requested and $13,037 in interest)
  • James Macelwain – $78,037 ($65,516 requested and $12,521 in interest)
  • Mei-Ping Liang – $60,662 ($50,863 requested and $9799 in interest)

The Clerk’s orders note that

Postjudgement interest shall accrue on the entire judgement, including the award of prejudgement interest, from the date of entry of this judgement until paid in full.

The orders were entered on January 6th, with the interest timer kicking from that date forward.


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing copies of the Court Clerk’s default judgement orders.

Update 14th February 2015 – Default judgement against another twelve Canadian net-winners was recorded on February 13th.