zeekrewardsClawback litigation was filed against Zeek Reward’s top net-winners in Canada back in early November.

With the twenty-one day deadline to file a response well and truly past, the Receiver has now filed for default judgement against several non-responsive defendants.

Filed on the 18th of December are eight motions for entry of default, naming the following Canadian clawback litigation defendants:

  • Catherine Parker ($179,656.05)
  • Leon Killam ($108,690.96)
  • Yong Sheng Wang ($88,579.96)
  • Brian Fussey ($68,294.59)
  • James Macelwain ($65,516.09)
  • Eugene Veinotte ($62,457.23)
  • 0937702 B.C. LTD (shell company owned by Eugene Veinotte) ($62,457.23)
  • Mei-Ping Liang ($50,863.61)

Note that the amounts in brackets is the amount each defendant stole from Zeek Rewards victims, not the amount being requested via default judgement.

Twenty-six defendants in total have been named in Canadian clawback litigation thus far.

A voluntary dismissals against Don Fitz-Ritson ($121,773.22 ) was filed alongside the eight motions for default, indicating that Fitz-Ritson has negotiated a settlement with the Receivership.

At least three other defendants have filed responses to the litigation. The status of the clawback litigation against the other 14 named defendants is unknown at the time of publication.

Stay tuned…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of the Canadian clawback litigation case docket and associated filings.


Update 23rd December 2014 – Clerk entries have now recorded default judgement entered into against all eight net-winners it was requested on.


Update 30th May 2015 – On the 20th of May the Receiver additionally filed for default judgment against

  • Zahid Ali ($62,571)
  • Joel Broughton ($203,492)
  • Jane Ferguson ($67,214)
  • Michael Gallup ($75,630)
  • Shao Zhang Huang ($82,924)
  • Guo Hua Liang ($122,686)
  • Jia, Yu Wang ($71,236)
  • Bin Xu ($298,190)
  • Guan Jun Zhang ($140,658)
  • Xiaomei Wang ($471,242) and
  • Feng Guang Wu ($184,282)

Default judgement against the above Canadian net-winners was granted on May 27th.

A separate Motion for Default Judgement against Ying Liu was filed on May 28th. A decision has yet to be made on the motion.


Update 9th June 2015 – Default Judgement was ordered against Ying Liu on June 2nd, for the amount of $72,401.