The granting of Final Judgment against outstanding Zeek Rewards net-winners last month seems to have hastened settlement agreements.

Last we checked in a few hundred net-winners had settled as of May, 2017.

As per a Motion to Approve Settlement Agreements filed on August 25th, that number has since ballooned out to 1,792.

The 1,792 proposed settlement agreements the Receiver sought approval for represented a clawback of $11.38 million, or roughly 43% of the money stolen.

The total amount recovered from Zeek Rewards net-winners to date is $15.4 million, representing 45.4% of the $33.8 million in stolen funds paid out.

Based on the list of 6,861 outstanding net-winners made public in August, by my estimate there are at least 6000 net-winners who have yet to settle or pay up.