Xelliss appears to have collapsed. As per a May 12th press-release, Xeliss’ product IP, distributor and customer database have been sold off to Zinzino.

Both Xeliss and Zinzino are European MLM companies.

Looking to capitalize on its acquisition, Zinzino’s press-release states;

Zinzino acquires Xelliss’s distributor organization as well as inventory and IP rights to the product lines.

The operation, which had a turnover of approximately 8 million EUR last year, is expected to generate strong growth through the synergies created in the joint networks.

The operation’s gross margins are good, and profitability will therefore be able to develop very well by utilizing Zinzino’s existing technical platform and organization.

Xelliss’ 8 million euros turnover for 2023 seems a bit suss, as Zinzino only paid 2 million euros to acquire it.

Zinzino’s acquisition is split 50% cash and 50% newly issued Zinzino shares.

In addition, conditional additional purchase prices based on sales development generated by the acquired distributor organization during the period 2024–2029 will apply.

The total additional purchase prices are estimated to amount to 4.0 million EUR but could reach up to 8.0 million EUR at maximum outcome and will be regulated entirely with newly issued Zinzino shares.

Xelliss was a 2020 reboot of the failed MLM company Natura4Ever. Both companies were run by Eric Masson (right).

Zinzino started off as an overpriced coffee pods MLM but switched to nutritional supplements in 2018.

A primary concern in BehindMLM’s Zinzino review was autoship required to fully qualify for everything in the compensation plan.

At the time of its collapse, SimilarWeb tracked just ~8100 monthly visits to Xelliss’ website. Over half of Xelliss’ website visits originated from France.

For the same month, April 2024, SimilarWeb tracked ~329,000 monthly visits to Zinzino’s website.

Top sources of traffic to Zinzino’s website are Hungary (32%), Germany (12%), South Africa (5%), Finland (5%) and Denmark (4%).