As part of its legitimacy ruse, the World Way Capital Ponzi scheme pretended to have regulatory approval in Canada.

In response to these claims, the Bank of Canada has issued a press-release confirming World Way Capital is a “fraudulent investment scheme”.

According to the Bank of Canada, World Way Capital presented potential investors with

a fraudulent Deposit Guarantee/Investor Compensation sheet dated February 2019 … purporting that the Bank will guarantee deposits (in US$ and cryptocurrencies).

WWC is also presenting a false partnership agreement with the Bank dated January 29, 2018.

The Bank of Canada asserts that it ‘has no partnership agreement with WWC‘.

This fraudulent investment scheme misrepresents the Bank and makes use of the Bank’s name, identity, logos, trade-marks and letterhead without authorization.

The Bank does not accept deposits nor does it guarantee any deposits or investments with WWC or any other company.

The Bank has no connection to this scam.

BehindMLM reviewed World Way Capital last month. Based on its business model, we concluded the company was a Ponzi scheme.

We also concluded that World Way Capital’s claimed links to Canada were baloney, based on suspicion of provided Canadian addresses.