When it filed for bankruptcy last December, WorldVentures owed affiliates millions of dollars in unpaid commissions.

As part of its acquisition of WorldVentures, DreamTrips International is now offering WorldVentures affiliates “up to 60%” of owed commissions.

DreamTrips International, owned by Verona International Holdings, claims it “is not responsible for WorldVentures’ debts”.

However, we have agreed to pay up to 65% of your past-due commissions and we will also honor up to $7,000,000 in WorldVentures’ virtual currencies.

We offered to do these things, not because we had to, but because we wanted to get things started on the right path with you.

The catch is that payments won’t start till January 2022, they’ll be paid out over 24 months, and you must maintain an active DreamTrips affiliate membership subscription.

Maintaining DreamTrips Gold, DreamTrips’ cheapest subscription option, will cost $1509.77 over 24 months.

DreamTrips’ monthly payments will be sourced from 5% of the company’s monthly gross revenue.

The amount of each monthly payment will vary based on DreamTrips International’s monthly revenue and the number of sales representatives who elect to participate, since the monthly amount is paid out pro rata.

With a significant number of WorldVentures affiliates having jumped ship to Seacret Direct, DreamTrips clarifies:

Can I be a Sales Representative at DreamTrips International and Seacret Direct at the same time?

No. If you are a sales representative in a competing network-marketing company, you are not in good standing with DreamTrips International and that would make you ineligible to receive these past-due commissions from DreamTrips International.

If I stay at Seacret Direct, will Seacret Direct pay my past-due commissions?

You will have to ask Seacret Direct that question.

As per the settlement reached with Seacret Direct, former top WorldVentures affiliates who jumped ship and are collectively owed $7.6 million, will receive “a higher and better offer” from Seacret Direct.

Regardless of what goes on in bankruptcy court, I’m of the mind if you buy an MLM company then you buy its baggage. Especially when it comes to unpaid commissions.

65% isn’t nothing but pretending not paying any owed commissions, and expecting a viable business going forward, is nonsense.

We are a new company that is transitioning away from WorldVentures into DreamTrips International.

We are working diligently to transition away from WorldVentures websites and marketing materials.

They will be replaced with a brand new DreamTrips International website, complete with brand new DreamTrips International branding and logo, and with a new travel strategy that will revolutionize your business.

Remember, DreamTrips International is a new company. We are not WorldVentures.

DreamTrips can harp on about “not being WorldVentures” all it likes. It’s the same company with the same product and same compensation plan.

The only change is DreamTrips’ parent company, Verona Holdings International, is a newly formed faceless company owned by persons unknown.

I might be reading a bit too much into the tone of DreamTrips’ communication, but there’s probably a (not so great) reason Verona is keeping ownership information under wraps.