Tomorrow’s Leaf recently came up for review but when I visited the company’s website to begin my research, I was punted over to DermOne.

DermOne doesn’t appear to be an MLM company…

I couldn’t find any concrete information as to what happened to Tomorrow’s Leaf.

The only lead I found was a March 2020 post on Tomorrow’s Leaf’s Facebook page, advising the company has “moved up the road to DermOne”.

That’s pretty ambiguous. Was the company sold off? Was it just a physical move? What happened to the MLM business?

Tomorrow’s Leaf was founded by Paul and Karen Sinclair Drake in mid 2018.

The company marketed Skinsanity, a “vegan, non-GMO, silicon-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free” skincare range.

Skinsanity is sold on DermOne’s website but any mention of Tomorrow’s Leaf has been scrubbed.

DermOne’s website identifies “husband and wife powerhouse, Paul Drake and Karen Sinclair-Drake” as co-founders.

Paul Drake is open about owning DermOne on LinkedIn;

But there’s no mention of Tomorrow’s Leaf.

Considering there’s also no mention of an MLM opportunity on DermOne’s website, I’m inclined to assume the MLM opportunity was quietly abandoned.

Tomorrow’s Leaf as a brand doesn’t exist any more and the Skinsanity range is now exclusively marketed through DermOne.

Bit of a shame there was no transparency about it. A proper explanation on Tomorrow’s Leaf Facebook page is the least that could have been provided.


Update 21st September 2020 – Although it’s a bit of a painful read, Paul Drake has confirmed below in the comments below that Tomorrow’s Leaf was merged into DermOne (#2).