wealthyad-logoTraditionally in matrix based MLMs that rely on constant recruitment the subscription period is set at a month before everyone has to inject more funds into the system to keep it going.

The dodgier models only ask for a once off payment but given that you can’t create money from nothing, they tend to burn out much quicker once people stop joining up.

Today we’re going to look at an opportunity that takes the monthly subscription and reduces it to a week. Even more telling is the fact that with the ‘WealthyAd Advertising Angel’ MLM opportunity, the more money you pump into the system for weekly membership, the larger your commission.

The Company

WealthyAd appears to be based out of the UK as the domain is registered with a UK domain registrar. Other than that, the website makes no mention of who is running things or behind WealthyAd.

As always, be extremely cautious of any business opportunity that refuses to explain who is running the company.

The Product Line

WealthyAd has no retail product, however members are able to participate in an internal banner advertising network that rotates banners between members of WealthyAd.

Participation in this network is free of charge and included with company membership.

The Compensation Plan

WealthyAd uses a simple 2×1 matrix that pays out a commission everytime the matrix is filled.

A 2×1 matrix starts with you at the top and then has two legs underneath you which need to be filled. When this happens, depending on your WealthyAd membership level, you get paid a commission ranging from $1 to $18.

Once filled and cycled, members are then placed in an existing matrix to fill it up. This placement is done so in order to cycle out the oldest running matrices first.

There is no limit to the amount of cycling and commissions that can be earnt.

Joining WealthyAd Advertising Angels

Those wishing to join WealthyAd can do so as a free member, but cannot earn any money. Free accounts are valid for up to 24 hours, upon which members must pay a membership fee to participate in the WealthyAd compensation plan.

This membership fee is a weekly payment which ranges from ‘Bronze1’ at $2 to ‘Gold5’ at $36.

There are 12 membership levels between Bronze1 and Gold5 with each following an identical structure. 50% of your membership fee is paid out in commissions each time you cycle with the other 50% covering an admin position (or ‘angel position as WealthyAd calls it) within the matrices.

WealthyAd charge you an additional 12% fee on top of your membership in order to pay out the company itself.


Despite WealthyAd claiming that ‘the main business of WealthyAd.com is advertising‘, the advertising component of the WealthyAd Advertising Angel oppotunity is largely useless.

In effect, you’ll be pitching ads to people who have joined for the sole purpose of recruiting new members to make money.

Outside of pitching similar recruitment scams to WealthyAd members, these members are not even remotely interested what you have to advertise and as such the advertising potential of the WealthyAd network is extremely limited.

In essence, the only reason it exists is to cover the money game played out by WealthyAd members. This is the actual ‘main business’ of WealthyAd.

You join the company as a member, paying whatever membership fee you like, and effectively create two accounts; your own and a dummy ‘angel’ account.

On your first cycle out you get half of your membership fee back and then you need to cycle again twice in order to break even and then make profit.

In WealthyAd’s FAQ, the company addresses recruitment by stating

Do I need to refer people to Earn Money.

No although it is expected that you will spread the word about our business, you are not required to refer people.

As you can see from the WealthyAd compensation plan explanation above, despite the company assuring you that you don’t need to personally recruit people to make money, for each cycle somebody has to recruit at least one new member.

When you join WealthyAd your matrix has two positions to fill and whilst your dummy angel account you bring with you fills one spot (which will not be on your own matrix), the other has to be a new member (or the dummy angel account this new member brings with them upon joining).

Whether it’s the angel account or actual new member account that fills this second spot is irrelevant, the point to take away is that regardless, a new member has to be recruited.

The weekly membership fee will mean that new money is being pumped into the system each week (along with an every growing number of dummy angel accounts). This will no doubt stall the collapse of the system as effectively everyone is ‘rejoining’ WealthyAd at the end of each week.

Eventually however the system will no doubt fail as week in week out, the existing member pool needs to bring in 3 new members per existing member to ensure a profit 3 cycles in total.

A breakdown of this is;

Matrix 1: You join and bring a dummy account, a new member must be recruited to fill the second spot of your matrix.

Matrix 2: Spot #1 is filled with the dummy account of the Matrix 1 new member. Another member is required to fill the second spot of Matrix 2.

Matrix 3: Same as Matrix 2 in that the dummy account of the Matrix 2 new member fills the first spot of Matrix 3. Again, a third new member is required to fill in the second spot of Matrix 3.

Of course these spots might be filled by existing members cycling out of their matrices, but they can’t cycle without filling their own spots with new members first. Thus if you look at the WealthyAd matrix system as a whole, the above mechanics for Matrices 1, 2 and 3 (the bare minimum to turn profit) hold true.

Also note that due to the ‘oldest matrix’ queuing system (those you recruit are not placed in your matrix unless it is the oldest in the queue), there is an absolute requirement of 3 new members per each existing member in the opportunity, in order for every member to turn a profit for that week.

As WealthyAd itself puts it;

By gaining more members we all gain more wealth.

3 new members each week just to turn a profit off three cycles?

WealthyAd is simply not sustainable in the long-term and clearly a recruitment driven money game.