Late last year it was announced that Wealth Masters International were planning to branch out into nutrition, insurance and finance.

WMI Health and Nutrition was supposed to provide WMI members with affiliate opportunities to market ‘the world’s most advanced anti-aging technologies’ and slated for a first quarter launch in 2011.

Since last November however, nothing has been officially announced by Wealth Masters leaving me wondering what had happened to their plans.

With the deadline for a first quarter launch just days away however, at WMI’s recent Peurto Rico M2 conference, an announcement was made outlining the Wealth Master’s roadmap for ‘PURE’.

Wealth Masters International’s ‘PURE’ (ok enough with the caps) will not be launched in the first quarter and has been officially delayed until September later this year.

The specific reasons for the delay are unknown but the official canned PR response is that ‘our number one priority is getting it right, not a rush to market‘.

Additionally it’s been revealed that Pure will revolve around ‘nine wellness divisions’ and will be run by ‘longtime WMI alliance partner Deanna Latson‘.

Deanna Latson runs and has been publicly speaking on ‘health and wellness education’ since 1997. She’s certainly done the MLM rounds having spoken at Liberty League International (now Polaris Global), Lifepath Unlimited and of course Wealth Masters International conferences.

Whilst no specific details have been made public about the specific products that Pure will be selling, a preview of what’s to come might be gleaned from Latson’s own online store.

From the looks of it Pure is going to be retailing a whole bunch of naturopath related health and wellness products, which I guess isn’t really all that surprising seeing as Latson is ‘currently finishing her Naturopathic Doctor Degree‘.

When announced I pondered that the introduction of both Pure and Opes partners would steer Wealth Masters away from their traditional model of providing education to their members and requiring them to seek out their own affiliate opportunities.

This is of particular note seeing as though the announcement to branch out into nutrition came a month after the Norwegian Gaming Board declared Wealth Masters International to be a pyramid scheme.

At the time of the announcement of Pure, WMI were well aware that they were being investigated (infact they themselves asked the Gaming Board for an investigation into the company).

Following the recent final ruling of the Norwegian Gaming Board that WMI is still a pyramid scheme and overturning of WMI’s appeal, WMI has now seemingly abandoned their interests in Norway.Β One possibly reason for the delay of Pure (and I’m just thinking out loud here), could be that with no other regulatory action pending, there’s now no rush to legitimise Wealth Masters by introducing tangible products into their business model.

Again, I’m just thinking out loud here but it does neatly explain the lack of communication regarding Pure right up until the few weeks of April and why the project has now been delayed.

Meanwhile, no new news on WMI’s other pet finance and insurance project, Opes Partners.

Opes Partners was supposed to kick off in January 2011 and be ‘the future of wall street‘ but other than a Facebook page detailing some WMI events, nothing much seems to be happening.

Perhaps WMI realised the future of wallstreet is more complex than first thought.