World Capital Market (of which WCM777 are supposedly the marketing branch) claim to be based out of the British Virgin Islands. The company launched in 2013 and held a “grand opening” on June 17th in the US.

On the WCM777 website (“wcm777.com”) a “certificate of incorporation” has been uploaded, with the date 8th of May 2009 given as the incorporation date for World Capital Market Inc.

Specifics on WCM777 and where and if they are incorporated anywhere are not provided, with the company only stating in their Income Disclosure Statement that:

WCM777 is a direct selling e-commerce company legally registered in the United States.

A lot of information is provided on the WCM777 website about World Capital Market but nothing specifically on WCM777.


Management wise the Founder of WCM777 and World Capital Market is Xu Ming. Ming’s WCM777 corporate bio states

Xu Ming (is) a devout Christian, an active angel investor, private equity fund investor, M&A expert and investment banker in China and the United States.

He is a strategist in doing optimal allocation and integration of resources globally.

He has successfully taken eight companies public and has sold one of his portfolio companies to a China state-owned large enterprise in China with a value of 400 million RMB.

Dr. Xu has the proven ability and track records to do capital multiplication.

Dr. Xu Ming has a master’s degree in communication management from the University of Southern California. He graduated from Harvard Business School PEVC (venture capital and private equity funds program), and also was educated at UCLA and the University of Chicago in finance, mergers and acquisition, and Wall Street strategy.

He also has a PhD in Theology from Joseph Global Institute.

World Capital Market Inc., founded by Dr. Xu Ming, is one of the 100 greatest international investment institutions selected in 2008 and he was honored as one of the world’s Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Investors of the Year in China.

Dr. Xu Ming is always actively involved in social welfare undertakings and in contributing to the community. His vision is to be united by love and reclaim the 7 mountains, building the city upon a hill.

Ming clearly appears to come from a finance and investment background, whether or not he has any MLM experience is unclear.

WCM777’s CEO is named as Liu Zhi with his prior involvement in the MLM industry again unclear.

Read on for a full review of the WCM777 MLM business opportunity.

The WCM777 Product Line

WCM777’s product line are a series of cloud-based services, marketed under the brand World Cloud Media 7 (WCM7).

Cloud-based services WCM7 provide include gaming, ebooks, music, video, storage, gambling and a social network.

At the time of publication most of the services advertised on the WCM7 website were still “under construction”:


The WCM777 Compensation Plan

The WCM777 compensation plan revolves around affiliate purchasing and continuing to re-purchase positions in the company’s compensation plan.

Investment Returns

The WCM777 compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing positions in the compensation plan. Each of these positions generates a passive daily ROI for 100 days, paid out as follows:

  • Junior Distributor ($399) – $4 a day ($400 total ROI)
  • Supervisor ($799) – $8 a day ($800 total ROI)
  • Manager ($1199) – $12 a day ($1200 total ROI)
  • Senior Manager ($1599) – $16 a day ($1600 total ROI)
  • Director ($1999) – $32 a day ($3200 total ROI)

Referral Commissions

WCM777 pay out referral commissions on the purchase of membership positions by affiliates. WCM777 do this by using a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of the structure, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1).


If any of these level 1 recruited affiliates go on to recruit new affiliates of their own, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel. If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down six levels of recruitment.

How much of a commission (paid out as a percentage of the Business Volume (BV) and profit points generated) an affiliate earns with each membership purchase, is determined by their own affiliate membership purchase amount:

  • Junior Distributor – 20% on level 1 and 1% on levels 2 to 6
  • Supervisor – 20% on level 1 and 1.5% on levels 2 to 6
  • Manager – 20% on level 1 and 2% on levels 2 to 6
  • Senior Manager -20% on level 1 and 2.5% on levels 2 to 6
  • Director – 20% on level 1 and 3% on levels 2 to 6

Level Differential Bonus

Expanding on the referral commissions offered above and again based on how much money an affiliate spends on membership, the Level Differential Bonus is an additional referral bonus offered to WCM777 affiliates.

The easiest way to explain to the Level Differential Bonus is to imagine each of the WCM777 affiliate membership positions as being able to earn a maximum percentage on referral commissions between levels 2 to 6:

  • Supervisor – 2%
  • Manager – 3%
  • Senior Manager – 4%
  • Director – 5%

How the commission works is that if an affiliate receives a referral commission and they fall on levels 2 to 5 of the standard referral commission payout, their upline, if they purchased a more expensive membership option, can earn an additional percentage commission on top of their standard referral commission.

Directors for example earn 3% on levels 2 to 6, however if a Junior Distributor was on the level before them, that Junior Distributor earns their standard 1% with the remaining 2% being passed up to the Director (for a total 5% commission payout).

If the Junior Distributor was say a Senior Manager, the passup percentage would then only be 0.5% (Senior Managers make 2.5% of the 3%), resulting in a 3.5% net total referral commission for the upline Director.

This pass up is named the Level Differential Bonus and is available on all referral commissions.

Binary Commissions

Residual commissions are paid out in WCM777 using a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of the structure with two positions directly under them:


These two positions form the start of two sides, with volume generated by each side matched up to create a commission.

When 360 BV (generated via the purchase of membership positions by affiliates) is matched up between the two binary sides, the WCM777 affiliate at the top of the binary earns a $20 binary commission.

Binary commissions are calculated daily and capped at $10,000.

Matrix Commissions

WCM777 use a 2×15 matrix to pay out membership position commissions, based on the amount of membership positions affiliates in a downline purchase.

A 2×15 matrix places a WCM777 affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them (level 1). In turn, these two positions branch out into another 2 positions (level 2) and so on and so forth down 15 levels.

Practically speaking, a 2×15 matrix looks exactly like a binary, however a binary is not restricted in depth.

Commissions wise WCM777 pay out $6 per affiliate-purchased position in a matrix. How many levels an affiliate is paid out on depends on how much money they spend on their own membership position:

  • Junior Distributor – 7 levels
  • Supervisor – 9 levels
  • Manager – 11 levels
  • Senior Manager – 13 levels
  • Director – 15 levels

Global Buying Bonus

Whereas the above commissions are all tied into an affiliates own downline efforts or that of their up and downlines, the Global Buying Bonus is a 3×7 matrix that is company-wide.

Membership positions bought globally within the company are placed into a giant matrix, of which each affiliate-purchased position receives a 3×7 matrix inside of.

This matrix operates in the same manner as the 2×15 matrix above, but instead has three positions on the first level, nine on the second and so on and so forth down seven levels.

WCM777 pay out $7 per position purchased which is added into an affiliates 3×7 matrix.

Profit Points

Profit Points are issued with each membership position purchase, with WCM777 claiming that the points ‘will be turned into stock when WCM goes public on NASDAQ‘.

In addition to points generated on the purchase of membership positions, 20% of all WCM777 affiliate’s earnings are held by the company “to purchase profit points” with.

Joining WCM777

Affiliate membership to WCM777 appears to be free, however affiliates are required to purchase membership positions in order to generate commissions.


Product wise I have no idea why WCM777 list WCM7’s cloud-based services on their website. The cloud services have nothing to do with WCM777’s compensation plan or commission structure.

The idea that affiliates are somehow purchasing access to WCM7 cloud-based services fall flat when you consider that affiliates can purchase multiple positions in the compensation plan. Re-investment via repurchase of positions only makes any such claims even more absurd.

Compensation plan wise WCM777 pretty much resembles that of your typical Ponzi scheme. Affiliates put in money and the more money they put in the more money they get out.


Affiliates join the company and then pick an investment level they wish to invest in at. Upon doing this WCM777 pay them a passive 100 day ROI, with additional commissions paid out if they recruit others who make investments with the company.

The WCM777 website attempts to pass off the supposed legitimacy of World Capital Market Inc. as itself somehow legitimizing WCM777’s business model, however I fail to see anything not indicating that WCM777 simply take in new investor money and pay it back out to existing investors over 100 days.

WCM7’s cloud-based services don’t even appear to be up and running, further strengthening the probability of affiliate money being shuffled around within WCM777 to pay everyone out.

I did see some waffle about a Kingdom Card and merchants, but this was touted as “coming soon” and similarly appeared to have nothing to do with WCM777’s current business model or investment returns they are paying out.

The Profit Points was interesting, with WCM777 withholding 20% of earnings to convert into these points on the promise of a later public float of the company.

Let me blunt in saying this is never going to happen with the current Ponzi scheme themed WCM777 business model. Additionally, whether WCM777 have registered themselves with the SEC is not clarified on their website.

Additionally the registration of World Capital Market in the BVI pretty much gives the game away.

Bottom line?

WCM777 create huge liabilities on each position purchased far beyond the 100 day ROI they guarantee. Once matrix, binary and referral commissions are factored in, the sustainability of the scheme hits truly astronomically ridiculous levels.

And of course underscoring this is the time-tested flaw all Ponzi schemes suffer from, that being that once affiliates stop purchasing membership positions, those 100 day “guaranteed passive returns” aren’t so guaranteed anymore.

In order to abide by the specific rules and regulations of different countries, WCM777 has not entered into the Chinese market.

Any agent who joined WCM777 through a third-party country or the internet must comply with the local laws and regulations, and legally operate abiding by the relevant laws of the host countries.

Should there be any violation of laws, the agent shall be fully liable for the consequences. WCM777 assumes no responsibility for any charge.

Simply put, whether they are indeed registered in the US or in actuality China (which the above text from WCM777’s Income Disclosure Statement suggests), WCM777 as an MLM business opportunity isn’t going to end well.