Vortic United was a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme that collapsed back in August.

Believed to be run by Russian organized crime interests in Turkey, Vortic United was fronted by Rene Schwartz.

On the run from authorities in Gambia, Schwartz played fictional Vortic United CEO Jensen Robles.

Today there’s no mention of Jensen Robles on Vortic United’s website. Offsite, everything except Vortic United’s Telegram group has been deleted.

In an attempt to discourage investor complaints, Vortic United announced a “Vortic” reboot on October 6th.

The Vortic reboot is purportedly to be run through a new shit token.

All clients will get their current account balance + their current active package value (100% of it not just 80%) added to their exchange account.

By creating tokens out of thin air, Vortic is able to create the illusion of backoffice balances that don’t exist.

The tokens will represent shares of the exchange and token holders will get a share of the revenue created by transaction fees from trades.

Naturally tokens will be locked, with nobody able to cash out (can’t cash out money that doesn’t exist).

Here’s the best part though; Vortic isn’t going to launch until April 15th, 2024. And affiliate backoffices won’t be available till June 1st.

Realistically an August 2023 collapse means plenty of time has passed to launder invested funds and do a runner. The Vortic reboot seems to only be a thing to discourage complaints to regulators.

For the most part, Vortic United investors appear to have accepted their losses and moved on. SimilarWeb tracked just ~54,000 visits to Vortic United’s website in October 2023.

Not expecting any further updates but if there are any we’ll keep you posted below.