Vortic United has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia.

As per the Central Bank of Russia’s February 20th notice, Vortic United exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid”.

Vortic United is a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme headed up by Jensen Robles.

The cryptocurrency  scam pitches daily returns of up to 1.8% a day.

Boris CEO Ponzi schemes are typically the work of eastern European scammers, which has likely prompted the CBR’s fraud warning.

BehindMLM reviewed Vortic United on January 15th, 2023. At the time top sources of traffic to Vortic United’s website were Germany (47%), Kyrgyzstan (22%) and Bangladesh (20%).

SimilarWeb currently ranks top sources of Vortic United website traffic as Malaysia (27%), Germany (21%) and Bangladesh (12%).

Between December 2022 and January 2023, overall Vortic United website traffic has plummeted:

Pending mass recruitment of new victims, a 69% month-on-month traffic decline suggests Vortic United will collapse soon.