TronChain’s smart-contract balance has hit $0, meaning the Ponzi scheme has effectively collapsed.

TronChain is the second collapse within the Eclipcity smart-contract Ponzi factory.

In all Ponzi schemes, once withdrawals exceed new investment the invested fund balance goes into decline.

Eventually the scammer running the Ponzi pulls the plug, or it collapses when there’s nothing left to withdraw.

As above, the latter is what prompted TronChain’s collapse.

Rather than just admit that in a single sentence, on January 3rd TronChain owner Andreas Kartrud took to YouTube with a twenty-minute waffle video.

When we’re looking at the overall contract structure … we see that there are tons and tons and thousands and thousands of accounts, that have been taking advantage and manipulating the structure system.

Stacking accounts – one person pulling out of ten accounts instead of one.

It should be noted that be it less investors creating more accounts or more investors with individual accounts, the inevitability of a Ponzi scheme withdrawals exceeding deposits is the same.

Math is math and Ponzi investment versus withdrawal is a zero-sum equation.

TronChain’s collapse follows that of EtherChain, Kartrud’s first smart-contract Ponzi launch.

Within the Eclipcity ecosystem, presently only CyberChain is still running.

Wanting to maximize the return on his purchased smart-contract Ponzi script, Kartrud has announced fourth Eclipcity Ponzi launch.

To appease TronChain affiliate investors, the majority of which will take a loss, Kartrud states;

What will happen is that the Eclipcity team and the Eclipcity ecosystem will be adding funds to the insurance contract of TronChain, until every single member … have been able to claim the difference if you were in loss.

Naturally Kartrud isn’t going to surrender whatever he’s been able to steal so far (if EtherChain is anything to go by, we’re talking millions by now), meaning funds from CyberChain will be directed into TronChain.

The funds are not there now. But as we grow and as we continue, as the Eclipcity ecosystem continues to generate revenue, we will take percentages of that revenue and add into the insurance contract to continue to fuel it.

It will not be millions and millions from day one, but it will gradually increase as the revenue from the Eclipcity ecosystem increases as well.

How long will CyberChain last being drained, on top of the inevitable withdrawal strain from affiliate investors? Days, weeks, who knows.

To stave off CyberChain’s inevitable collapse, Kartrud has announced Eclipcity Global Fund.

Another smart-contract Ponzi, Eclipcity Global Fund will be Kartrud’s fourth smart-contract Ponzi launch.

That is the new smart-contract that we will be launching.

It will have every single loophole ever created or found or could be found, closed.

There will be no possibility of stacking. There will be no possibility of manipulating deposit limits. There will be no possibility of having matching income on levels you are not entitled to.

One loophole Kartrud won’t be able to fix is the inevitability that, just like in EtherChain and TronChain, eventually Eclipcity Global Fund withdrawals will exceed new investment.

Typically Ponzi reboots collapse faster than their predecessors. Pending any funny business on Kartrud’s end, that’d mean CyberChain’s collapse isn’t far off. Eclipcity Global Fund will then collapse even faster.

Ditto any fifth, sixth, seventh etc. Ponzi launches.


Update 8th January 2021 – Details of Eclipcity Global were made public earlier today.

Consequently BehindMLM has published a stand-alone Eclipcity Global review.


Update 22nd January 2021 – Andreas Karturd has deleted the January 3rd YouTube video referenced in this article.