A Traffic Monsoon appeal court docket order has revealed Charles Scoville has until June 21st to file his Supreme Court writ.

Traffic Monsoon came up on my calendar today for an update check. I hadn’t been checking the appeal docket as the writ seemed to be tracked on the SEC case docket.

On a whim I checked the appeal docket and found this May 15th order, acknowledging Scoville’s second delay request.

The mandate is stayed for 28 days, until June 21, 2019.

No further extensions will be granted unless the petition for certiorari is filed within the present deadline.

We previously covered Scoville’s second delay request on May 17th. I was aware of the June 21st second deadline extension but couldn’t find any information on whether Scoville could just keep requesting extensions.

The Tenth Circuit Appeals Court docket clearly states that unless Scoville files his writ before June 21st, they will lift the stay on their appeal denial regardless.

This is irrespective of whether Scoville applies for and is granted a third writ submission extension by the Supreme Court.