Following a request for briefings on the duties and powers of the appointed Traffic Monsoon Receiver, an amended order has been filed.

The February 20th Second Amended Order Appointing (the) Receiver defines specific “powers reserved for (Charles) Scoville”.

Scoville is granted authority to appeal and advance arguments on behalf of Traffic Monsoon in the appeal presently pending in the United States Court of Appeals of the Tenth Circuit pursuant to the Notice of Interlocutory Appeal or any further appeal seeking to modify the following Orders of this court.

This came up as a result of an amicus brief filed by the Receiver in Scoville’s preliminary injunction appeal.

Essentially the Receiver argued that because she hadn’t authorized Traffic Monsoon to participate in appeal litigation, it shouldn’t be a party.

Scoville is now free to represent Traffic Monsoon in appeal proceedings, however neither he nor his attorneys are entitled to payment from the Receivership for doing so.

Other than that the rest of the powers and duties bestowed upon the Receiver are left intact.

Looking forward, oral arguments in the Traffic Monsoon appeal are scheduled for March 21st.

Stay tuned…