traffic-monsoon-logoNegotiations between Charles Scoville and the Traffic Monsoon Receiver have begun, with the latest filing from the Receiver requesting permission to fund Scoville’s return to the US.

Ongoing discussions between Scoville, the SEC and the Traffic Monsoon Receiver have led the two former parties to conclude that ‘it would be beneficial to have Scoville voluntarily return to the United States‘.

Upon bringing up Scoville’s voluntary return to the US however, the SEC and Receiver were told Scoville ‘does not have the money to do so‘.

An August 2nd filing by the Receiver has requested permission to fund Scoville’s return to the US (including that of his son and wife).

Specifically, the Receiver has requested permission to

pay actual, necessary and reasonable costs associated with bringing Scoville back to Utah, as well as certain of his living expenses.

It may also be necessary to pay for Scoville’s 11-year old son to return with him given his minor status and the fact that his son’s mother lives in Utah.

Finally, the Receiver is considering proposing an agreement under which the estate would pay for Scoville’s spouse to return with him if she agrees to cooperate with the Receiver, including being deposed while she is in Utah.

Why the Receiver is wants to depose Scoville’s wife is unclear.

At this time, the Receiver does know the exact amount that will be required for travel expense inasmuch as schedules need to be consulted, and agreements related to cooperation need to be obtained.

No dollar amount has been requested at this time, with the Receiver instead asking for permission to “determine the amounts at issue”.

Scoville has said that his main purpose for returning to Utah will be to attempt to work out a settlement.

One point of contention is Scoville’s hiring of an attorney, which the Receiver suggests would not be paid for by Traffic Monsoon victims.

Just prior to the filing of this Motion, the Receiver was notified that Scoville may retain counsel in this matter.

If counsel is retained, the disbursements requested in this Motion may be reconsidered.

In a Facebook post published a few hours ago, Scoville represented that he had since obtained counsel:


The Receiver’s motion is currently before the court and awaiting a decision.

Stay tuned…


Update 4th August 2016 – The Receiver’s motion has been granted. Judge Parrish has ordered the Receiver file a report outline any payments disbursed by September 15th.