traffic-monsoon-logoA month ago the Traffic Monsoon Receiver issues subpoenas on two banks, requesting information pertaining to Charles Scoville and his family.

On September 7th the Receiver filed another round of subpoenas, this time on several payment processors.

The three processors served by the Receiver are Payza (as Payza, MH Pillars, AlertPay, Damaras Limited and Solitaire Holdings Inc.), Payment World and Pay World.

Payza and Payment World have a history of working together to service Ponzi schemes. Both companies are at the center of a $13 million dollar lawsuit filed by the Zeek Rewards Receiver.

The subpoenas issued by the Receiver request any and all information from January 2013 to date, pertaining to

  • Charles Scoville
  • Traffic Monsoon UK Limited
  • Traffic Monsoon UK
  • Semera Hussain (Scoville’s wife)
  • Taylor Scoville (Scoville’s son)
  • Kelly Escobar
  • AdHitProfits
  • TviPtc
  • InfinityBux
  • BuxSecure
  • PowerfulBux
  • ForeverBux
  • BuxUnleashed
  • Ultimate Power Boos
  • WealthEngineX and
  • U Launch Formula

All of those names are familiar with the exception of Kelly Escobar. I have no idea who she is or how she’s tied to Scoville and Traffic Monsoon.

The payment processors have been given until October 3rd to comply.

A preliminary injunction hearing for Traffic Monsoon remains scheduled for September 23rd. Stay tuned…