traffic-monsoon-logoThe Traffic Monsoon Receiver’s investigation into Traffic Monsoon continues, with the latest seeing subpoenas served on Google, Yahoo and William Bryant.

The subpoenas served on Google and Yahoo pertain to four email accounts, two hosted with each provider.

Two contain Charles Scoville’s name, suggesting they might be personal accounts.

As per the subpoenas, Google and Yahoo have been commanded to turn over everything in the four email accounts.

william-bryant-traffic-monsoon-investorWilliam G. Bryant (right) is a Traffic Monsoon investor who rose to notoriety after he penned an open letter to the Judge hearing the SEC’s case.

In a lofty essay, Bryant claimed the SEC shutting down Ponzi schemes ‘is a violation of people’s rights to earn a living‘.

The subpoena served on Bryant requires him to produce all documents and materials in his possession that pertain to

  • his business dealings with Traffic Monsoon and/or Charles Scoville
  • his business dealings with any of Scoville’s previous scams
  • his deposits and withdrawals in and out of Traffic Monsoon
  • bank statements and transaction histories from e-wallet companies involving Traffic Monsoon, Scoville and/or any of Scoville’s previous scams
  • brochures, advertisements, pitch material, Youtube videos and any other documents related to Traffic Monsoon or any of Scoville’s previous scams
  • emails, text messages, instant messages, Skype videos or messages, telephone messages or recordings between himself and Traffic Monsoon, and/or Charles Scoville

Google, Yahoo and Bryant have been given until October 31st to comply.

Sounds to me like the Receiver is building a healthy list of net-winners to clawback from when the time comes.