On November 29th the Traffic Monsoon Receiver filed her Third Stats Report.

In it the Receiver revealed over $4.3 million has been recovered from Allied Wallet.

With Charles Scoville’s preliminary injunction appeal still playing out, the Traffic Monsoon Receivership is busy organizing seized data.

The Receiver is very cognizant of the need to finish the reconstruction project so that the case can move forward.

Seized data from Traffic Monsoon contains over 500 million individual records and/or entries, across “150 different data tables”.

And that’s on top of records provided by Payment Processors, which include 5.5 million from PayPal, 576,000 from Payza, 110,000 from Solid Trust Pay, 100,800 from Allied Wallet and 4900 Chase Bank transactions for over $61 million.

Berkeley Research Group have been employed to sift through and organize the data.

The good news is, barring any unexpected developments, ‘by early December 2017 the vast majority of BRG’s analysis will be complete.

The Receiver has to date marshaled $48.7 million dollars, the majority of which will be returned to Traffic Monsoon victims pending the outcome of Scoville’s appeal.

Stay tuned…