traffic-monsoon-logoIn a Facebook post dated August 23rd, Charles Scoville told Traffic Monsoon affiliates that

the SEC has taken away everything I own; making me basically homeless, penniless, and near powerless to defend myself.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, a new filing from the Traffic Monsoon Receiver reveals Scoville wasn’t entirely truthful.

Back in early August the Receiver raised the prospect of using seized funds to pay for Scoville and his family to return to the US. At the time they were living in the UK.

Pending negotiations, the court approved the Receiver’s motion and ordered a report filed by September 15th.

Yesterday the Receiver filed that report, claiming Scoville in the end did not request funds to return to the US.

Early negotiations between the Receiver and Scoville saw the Receivership offer to

make arrangements to pay travel and living expenses from the Receivership Estate provided he cooperated with the Receiver by:

(a) providing information about a foreign financial account that Scoville had not previously disclosed, and to which Scoville caused several million dollars to be wired during the month leading up to the filing of this case;

(b) providing a copy of a lease agreement on a London flat said to be leased in his new spouse’s name, on which Scoville had arranged one year of rent to be prepaid;

(c) turning over keys to a flat titled in Scoville’s name located in Manchester, England;

(d) turning over a Ranger Rover that was purchased with over $125,000.00 from Scoville’s bank account in May, 2016 and titled in his wife’s name;

(e) providing proof of insurance on the Range Rover and a Nissan located in Murray, Utah; and

(f) turning over a laptop computer in Scoville’s possession for a short period so that an image could be obtained by the Receiver.

To put all of that into context, poor penniless and homeless Scoville had accommodation in both the US and UK he had prepaid leases on for a year, a car in the UK recently purchased for over $100,000, two cars in the US and millions of dollars stashed in a previously undisclosed offshore account.

Oh, the humanity!

Ultimately negotiations between Scoville and the Receiver broke down.

Scoville failed to submit ‘a budget for travel expenses‘ and his cooperation regarding the above requests was limited.

Scoville provided proof of insurance as requested and screen shots of transactions related to the wiring of funds to the foreign financial account (which did nothing more than show part of what the Receiver had previously shared with Scoville’s counsel about the transactions).

He also informed the Receiver about several possible London addresses at which she might locate the Range Rover, and indicated that he did not have possession of the lease agreement to the London flat or the keys to the Manchester flat.

Otherwise, Scoville did not cooperate with the Receiver.

Upon arriving in the US by means unknown, Scoville contacted the Receiver and demanded a “living allowance”.

The Receiver agreed to review a budget, providing Scoville ‘cooperated by at least providing information about the foreign financial account‘.

To date Scoville has not provided information about the offshore account he has millions stashed in. Nor has he filed a budget for living expenses.

By permission of the Receiver, Scoville and his son are currently staying in the Utah apartment he’d prepaid the lease on. Scoville also has use of a Nissan in his name, provided he maintains insurance on the vehicle.

The exact figure Scoville wired offshore in the months prior to the SEC filing is currently unknown. Ditto the whereabouts of his wife, Samera Hussain (aka Semera Hussain).

A few days ago Scoville ditched attorney Edwin S. Wall and signed up with D. Loren Washburn of Washburn Law Group, LLC.

In a Facebook post made a few hours ago, Shirley Scoville, Charles Scoville’s mother, claims Washburn Law Group charge “higher fees”.