traffic-monsoon-logoAs Traffic Monsoon affiliates prepare to gather at on a beach in the UK later this month to protest loudly into the ocean, in the US the civil case against Charles Scoville and Traffic Monsoon continues.

The latest sees the court-appointed Receiver file two subpoenas suspected of providing financial services to Scoville, his various business ventures and his family.

Two subpoenas were issues on or around August 11th, one to First National Bank and the other to US Bank.

Both subpoena request the banks turn over ‘all documents and other materials’ from January 2013, pertaining to

  • Traffic Monsoon, LLC
  • Charles Scoville
  • Samera Hussain
  • Taylor Anden Scoville
  • AdHitProfits
  • TviPtc
  • InfinityBux
  • BuxSecure
  • PowerfulBux
  • ForeverBux
  • BuxUnleashed
  • Ultimate Power Boost
  • WealthEngineX and
  • U Launch Formula

Specifically the Receiver is asking for monthly account statements and copies of the front of any checks written in connection with any accounts held by the above individuals and/or entities.

A partial account number for Scoville at First National Bank is provided, indicating the Receiver has specific information on how he paid himself through Traffic Monsoon.

The inclusion of Scoville’s ex-wife, current wife and son in the subpoena requests is of particular interest, suggesting Scoville may have laundered investor funds through his immediate family.

Both First National Bank and US Bank have been directed to provide the requested information to the Receiver by August 29th.

Stay tuned…