A second writ deadline extension has given Charles Scoville another month to delay Traffic Monsoon proceedings with.

Following losses in district and appeals courts, Scoville is seeking to have his case heard in the Supreme Court.

To that end he was granted leave to file a writ of certiorari back in February.

This came with a stay on the Tenth Circuit’s appeal denial. It also put the brakes on the Traffic Monsoon victim claims process approval.

The original write deadline was April 24th. As that approached, Scoville asked for an extension.

Such was granted and a new May 24th deadline created.

Here we are again, and Scoville has once more asked for an extension.

Scoville’s second extension was requested earlier this month and granted on May 9th.

The new writ submission deadline is June 21st, 2019.

The reasons for Scoville’s first extension request or his second have not been made public.

Bear in mind though that this is the guy who stalled SEC proceedings for two years, for most of which he was high and live-streaming nonsensical rants on Facebook every other day.

You can put two and two together…

I did try to research how many extensions a petitioner can request but there doesn’t seem to be a limit.

Only that a deadline can be extended in “for good cause”. That to me suggests it’s up the receiving Justice (Sotomayor in this instance).

I guess we’ll find out the limit of Justice Sotomayor’s patience after Scoville’s third or fourth extension request. Stay tuned…