traffic-monsoon-logoDespite the SEC’s case against him and Traffic Monsoon being civil in nature, Charles Scoville has hired a criminal defense attorney.

According to a 15th of August filing, Scoville is now represented by Edwin S. Wall.

On his website, Edwin S. Wall uses the following keywords to market himself:

Criminal Defense Attorney, Defense Attorney, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Defense Laywer, DUI, Drunk Driving, Drug, Drug Charges, Controlled Substances, Assault, Battery, Rape, Murder, Homicide, Fraud, White Colllar, Tax Fraud, Murder-for-Hire, Bombs, Explosives, Arson, Federal, State, Criminal Defense Utah, Criminal Defense Wyoming, Bail.

Wall claims to be part of “Utah’s legal elite”, a “mountain states super lawyer” and “top 100 trial lawyer”.

At the time of publication criminal charges have not been filed against Scoville.

As I understand the current situation, Scoville has not returned to the US and is still hiding out in the UK.

Stay tuned…