Thirteen Maxim Trader Group executives and employees have been found guilty in a Taiwanese court on charges related to investment fraud.

Sentences handed down to Taiwanese Maxim Trader scammers ranged from three to nine years.

Maxim Trader’s Taiwan chief executive Chang Chin-su (張金素) was sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined NT$100 million, while his chief assistant, Chia Hsiang-chieh (賈翔傑), was sentenced to nine years and fined NT$50 million.

Other local employees found guilty of contravening the Banking Act (銀行法), financial fraud and related charges included Chang’s sister, Chang Mu-tan (張牡丹), financial advisers and course instructors.

Chang Mu-tan was given a five-year sentence, while the others received terms ranging from three to eight years, and fines of up to NT$50 million.

The Taiwanese prosecution follows similar charges filed in Malaysia against ringleaders Lim Ann Hoe and accomplices Chin Ming Kam and Goh Seow Mooi.

Maxim Trader was a $5 billion dollar Ponzi scheme primarily pitched at investors in Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore.

Authorities began investigating Maxim Trader after it collapsed in 2015.