The Prosperity Grid gifting scheme is collapsing.

Rather than just acknowledge math is math and every gifting scheme eventually collapses, The Prosperity Grid participants are being blamed for not recruiting.

Charged with delivering victims bad news on a recent The Prosperity Grid webinar, was admin and top earner Marina Taute.

Taute (right) bills herself as a “change creator” from South Africa. Through The Prosperity Grid, she’s certainly created financial change for victims of the scam.

Addressing many of those victims on the webinar, Taute acknowledged that “a few of the grids have been going a bit slower” for a “few months”.

The Prosperity Grid is a simple 2×3 matrix gifting scheme.

The company and its promoters refer to the matrices as “grids”.

In an effort to resuscitate The Prosperity Grid (and lure new victims in), Taute announces the previous $500 USD buy-in will be reduced to 2000 ZAR (~$126).

A year and a half ago when we asked people for $500, it was doable.

But to ask that amount now from somebody, it’s the same as to ask them for 20,000 ZAR (~$1200 USD). In the current economy, where we are.

Speaking to the character of those who run gifting schemes, we have is Taute acknowledging people are in financial distress – and adjusting her gifting scam to best capitalize on that.

Absolutely shameless.

Then, in as close to an acknowledgement of the inevitable decline in recruitment causing The Prosperity Grid’s collapse, Taute moves on to a poll.

We had a poll that we ran in the Engine Room and the Receiver Room;

What is the biggest issue on the grids? Why are we stuck? Why aren’t people bringing their two people in?

And the issue was not financial, the issue was to bring two people in. People are scared they can’t bring their two people in.

The solution is to pillage existing Prosperity Grid participants for more money. They’ll be able to buy 2000 ZAR “shuttle” positions, which feed back into stalled The Grid Prosperity matrices.

Another change is scrapping someone who you recruited being re-inserted into your matrix. They’ll now be “shuffled” into matrices that have stalled based on time.

Taute continues with more bad news, announcing that The Grid Prosperity’s “money back guarantee” is being scrapped for new recruits.

This appears to be a token change, seeing as The Grid Prosperity is well on its way to an evitable collapse.

I still have people in the Motivator position or Supporter position, contacting me and saying they want their money back.

Guys you didn’t pay me. And the Receiver that they paid, once the grid is complete, the Receiver is entitled to use the money. That is how The Prosperity Grid works.

The Grid Prosperity scammers have been ordered to check their victims are “active once to twice a week”. If they fail to respond, they’ll receive warnings before having their position(s) terminated.

Being active involves sending out spam in an effort to recruit new The Prosperity Group victims.

For people outside of South Africa, that evidently hasn’t caught on.

I know I can bring my sister in from Canada, because she can’t get two people from Canada because the Canadians, well the Canadians where she lives, doesn’t [sic] think about this gifting economies [sic] the way we do. So she can’t get in two people.

Looking forward, Taute bangs on about a “new automated system”. It appears that’ll be launched (effectively a reboot), once The Prosperity Grid collapses beyond the point of no return.

Taute and the rest of The Prosperity Grid admins, who together are primary beneficiaries of the scheme, have given it 90 days to recover.

Taute compares participating in gifting scams like The Prosperity Grid to paying tithe at church.

As confirmed by Taute, the majority of The Prosperity Grid promoters and victims are in South Africa.

The majority of the grid currently, a lot of people are in South Africa.

To date, South African authorities have a horrendous track record on regulation of MLM related fraud.


Update 4th July 2022 – Sometime in the last few days The Prosperity Grid webinar featuring Marina Taute has been marked private.

This article originally contained a link to the webinar but as such I’ve disabled it.

Presumably this means The Prosperity Grid’s plan to delay its inevitable collapse isn’t working.