mpb-today-logoMPB Today is an MLM company that has affiliated itself with US based grocery delivery company ‘Southeastern Delivery’.

In doing so, MPB offers their members access to a matrix based compensation plan along with several additional revenue streams.

Today we’re going to have a closer look at the MPB Today compensation plan.

1. The MPB Today Matrix

At the heart of the MPB Today compensation plan is a standard 2×2 ‘follow-me’ matrix that looks something like this;


The basic idea is that, with you at the top, you have six positions to fill in order to fill the matrix and ‘cycle’.

These positions can be filled by yourself or by the person that recruited you (referred to as ‘spillover’), it really doesn’t matter. So long as those positions are filled, you then cycle and earn commissions.

These commissions are paid out as follows;

  • $75 for each member on the bottom level of your 2×2 matrix, which is 4 payouts totalling $300. MPB takes $200 of this to put you into a new matrix and pay you $100.
  • The option of redeeming a $200 Southeastern Delivery grocery voucher (which you get upon joining) with free shipping as a bonus, or exchanging that voucher for a $200 Walmart giftcard.
  • A new $200 Southeastern Delivery grocery voucher (on which you must pay shipping until you cycle again and are given the option of redeeming it with free shipping).
  • $50 for each member you directly recruited to fill your matrix. 6 positions on the matrix means this commission has a payout cap of $300.

This process repeats itself infinite times on the sole condition that MPB Today’s matrices keep cycling. In other words, so long as new people keep joining MPB Today, you’ll continue to get paid.

“Phase 2” Commissions

Along with the matrix commissions, MPB Today offer two additional revenue streams as part of what they call ‘phase 2’ of their compensation plan.

These Phase 2 bonuses operate on a binary structure (you at the top with two arms underneath you, two arms underneath those two arms and so on and so forth), but consist only of those you’ve directly referred to MPB Today and those members your direct referrals recruit.

The two commissions paid out in Phase 2 are as follows;

Shared Infinity Coding Bonuses

The Shared Infinity Coding Bonuses corresponds to various ranks made available to MPB Today members. There are seven ranks in total and each has a corresponding commission payout.

These commission payouts are made whenever someone you’ve directly sponsored into MPB Today cycles, or someone they’ve directly sponsored cycles.

This runs infinity wide and is not capped at any level. If you recruit someone to MPB Today who in turn recruits someone who then does the same, even if this happens 100 times – you are still paid out each time any of those members cycle.

The ranks and corresponding commission payouts for the Shared Infinity Coding Bonus are as follows;

  • Bronze – You must personally cycle from two matrices. The payout at the Bronze level is $80.
  • Pearl – You must have at least one Bronze member on your team. The payout at the Pearl level is $100.
  • Silver – You must have personally sponsored 4 recruits to MPB Today and cycled yourself at least five times from the matrices. Two of those you’ve sponsored must be at the Bronze level (one must be a direct referral) and one each have to be on either side of your binary organisation. The payout at the Silver level is $120.
  • Ruby – You must have cycled yourself seven times and have at least one Silver on your binary organisation. The payout at the Ruby level is $140.
  • Gold – You must have 6 directly sponsored members under you and have cycled a minimum of 10 times yourself. You also must have 2 silver members in your team (one on either side of your binary organisation), with on of them being a personally referred member. The payout at the Gold level is $160.
  • Platinum – You must have cycled yourself a minimum of 15 times and have at least one Gold member in your binary organisation. The payout at the Platinum level is $180.
  • Diamond – You must have 8 personally sponsored members with 2 gold affiliates in your binary organisation (one on either arm and one must be a personal referral). Additionally you must have personally cycled at least 20 times. The payout at the Diamond level is $200.

Just to further clarify, these payouts are paid out each time someone you’ve directly referred, or someone they’ve directly referred etc. (in other words, anyone in your personal binary organisation) cycles out of a matrix.

The Shared Infinity Coding Bonus is paid out in additional to your own personal matrix cycle bonuses.

Matching Bonus

The second part of the Phase 2 commissions are a matching bonus on up to four levels of your binary organisation. This matching bonus is paid out as a percentage of the commissions earnt by those in your binary.

Again MPB today distinguish these payouts with four ranks and an accompanying set of crieria to qualify. These are as follows;

  • Double Diamond – Double Diamond pays out a 15% matching bonus one generation deep. To qualify you must have one diamond in your binary organisation.
  • Vice President – Vice President unlocks second generation payouts, paying a 10% match on their earnings. To qualify you must have 10 personally sponsored members with two of them reaching Double Diamond rank (one on either side of your binary organisation). One Double Diamond must also be a personally sponsored member.
  • Sr. Vice President – Senior Vice President unlocks third generation payouts, paying a 10% match of their earnings. To qualify you must have 12 personally sponsored members and at least one Vice President in your binary organisation.
  • Presidential – The Presidential level unlocks fourth generation payouts, paying a 5% match on their earnings. To qualify you must have 14 personally sponsored members and have to Sr Vice President members in your binary organisation (one on either side of your binary and at least one must be a personal referred member).


To participate in MPB Today’s compensation plan, all members must meet the minimum requirement of personally recruiting two members to MPB Today. This is a once off requirement and once met is valid for the lifetime of your MPB Today membership.


Given that MPB, for all intents and purposes, is the direct selling marketing arm of Southeastern Delivery, who themselves are an online grocery shopping company, I’d have thought there’d at least be something tying in grocery sales to MPB Today’s compensation plan.

Unfortunately like many matrix based MLM companies today, instead MPB have decided to go down the recruitment route.

The matrices themselves don’t move without a constant influx of new recruits. Following your upline and relying on spillover is great and all, but at the end of the day whether you’re recruiting or somebody else is… all MPB members are still relying on recruitment to push generate their commission payouts.

As for the Phase 2 commissions, both the Shared Infinity Coding and Matching bonus both incrementally rely on cycling requirements (which are based off recruitment), personal sponsorship requirements or encouraging your binary downline to recruit more people so you can advance.

Unfortunately there isn’t one aspect of the MPB Today compensation plan that doesn’t directly rely on recruiting in one way or another to generate a commission.

For a company affiliated with an online grocery shopping portal (which has a clear and obvious retail side), this is more than a bit of a worry.

Looking towards the long term, once those recruitments die down the entire MPB Today compensation plan will inevitably grind to a halt.

And when that happens, everyone stops getting paid.