svm-global-initiative-logoUpon reading a review of your business model that clearly and precisely identified it as a Ponzi scheme, what would you do?

If you were intending to scam people from the get go, probably nothing.

If you were legitimately unaware of the parallels of a Ponzi scheme and your business model though, surely the right thing to do would be to acknowledge the analysis and work towards correcting it.

Not Sheila Tabarsi. The self-styled psychic adopted an entirely different approach.

Today we take a look at one of the most roundabout ways you’ll see someone take to acknowledge the accuracy of a BehindMLM review.

BehindMLM reviewed Tabarsi’s SVM Global Initiative opportunity on April 13th.

The review concluded that

Under the guise of “ending poverty”, the SVM Global Initiative sees affiliates sign up, pay weekly subscription fees and then recruit others who do the same.

With nothing being marketed to or sold to retail customers, BehindMLM identified SVM Global Initiative as a Ponzi scheme.

The basic gist of the SVM Global Initiative compensation plan is that, through a three-tier matrix cycler, affiliates invest up to $750 a week.

ROIS are then paid weekly out of subsequently invested funds.

BehindMLM’s review of SVM Global Iniative prompted Tabarsi to to hold an emergency conference call.

sheila-tabarsi-ceo-founder-SVM-global-initiativeDuring the 2 hour call, Tabarsi (right) attempted to dismiss concerns raised about her business model. She went on to claim that BehindMLM was part of an Illuminati conspiracy against herself and her company.

Tarbasi refers to her own inner-circle of early adopters of SVM Global Initiative as “the secret society”.

In a followup call held today, Tabarsi claims she arrived at this conclusion after reading the BehindMLM review and, over the internet, telepathically reading the minds and bodies of the authors.

Tabarsi also claims to regularly speak to god. Whereas most people simply pray and hope for an answer, Tabarsi claims she “gets instructions from god” who “tells her what to do”.

I had a conversation with our lord and father several weeks ago, and I was told that I was going to have trouble with the success of this business because it was based on money.

I didn’t understand, what are you talking about? Now I get it.

This is based on money. We choose a launch date based on quickly and how desperately everybody needs to be paid out.

We’re all hypocrites and I’m the biggest one.

God and the Illuminati aside, Tabarsi’s call today was significant because in it she acknowledged regulatory issues with SVM Global Initiative’s current business model.

Rather than apologize for her comments last week or at the very least acknowledge BehindMLM for pointing this out to her, Tabarsi instead insisted that the review was a “hideous attack”.

Tabarsi claims it was only when “friends” came to her with the exact same issues raised in the BehindMLM review, that she acknowledged she was “missing something”.

And some time after that, the revelation:

To some degree what they (BehindMLM and Tabarsi’s friends) are saying is correct.

You’ve got people paying money, and you’re using that money to pay other people and nobody is doing anything? Nobody is working for it?

There’s no substance built within the subscriptions.

I had to really look at what I was missing, and come the realization of what was missing and what I have to do to ensure our success.

Upon the realization that she had designed a Ponzi scheme, Tabarsi claimed she “slept for one and a half days”.

So alright, SVM Global Initiative is a Ponzi scheme in its current state.

What now?

Well, this is where things get murky.

Tabarsi is claiming that the scheme will not launch until it “receives approval” from US regulators.

On the call she mentions Attorney Generals (no specific state office) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

We’re gunna launch as soon as we receive the proper approval from the AG and FTC.

Here’s the thing though: No US regulatory agency approves business models.

So what Tabarsi is talking about I have no idea. Right here, right now, there’s absolutely nothing stopping her from launching SVM Global Initiative. At least not as far as US regulatory approval goes.

Might SVM Global Initiative be shut down for operating as a Ponzi scheme if it was launched with its current business model? Sure. But good luck getting Tabarsi to acknowledge that.

Instead investors were fed stories about how Tabarsi cannot present the current SVM Global Initiative to US senators, because she

can not continue to present these plans with what we’ve got written.

Current US Secretary of State John Kerry is also mentioned repeatedly on the call, with Tarbasi claiming he is “a card” she yet intends to play.

The closest Tabarsi came to publicly acknowledging SVM Global Initiative, as reported previously by BehindMLM, was a Ponzi scheme, was the following:

The federal government has grounds to state that there is not a viable plan, that this is a Ponzi scheme. It is built off people making money off of other people making money.

The fact that this model is what has been used to market SVM Global Initiative to attract her current investor-base was not discussed.

Plans to address the issue were though, and appear to revolve around an advertising credit based solution.

This is tied into the scheme’s marketplace, which sounds like a separate website investors can publish ads on.

Tabarsi also mentioned a disclaimer that would be put up on the SVM Global Initiative website, informing visitors that the scheme was “only for disadvantaged people”.

The reason for this Tarbasi claimed was that everyone else “doesn’t understand what we are doing.”

The core problem with the model however remains.

Testament to this fact that SVM Global Initiatives see the scheme as a passive investment opportunity is the following statistic revealed by Tabarsi herself:

Of the thousands ready to go in, only 218 have submitted their product.

“The product” refers to something to be advertised through the marketplace. It can be an actual product or a link to another website. Several affiliates on the SVM Global Initiative call also mentioned promoting Legal Shield, a third-party MLM business opportunity.

The reality is the combination of a Ponzi scheme and advertising is a tired cliché.

As I understand the SVM Global Initiative marketplace is not currently online. But even if it was, setting up a website nobody is going to visit and claiming that your investors are paying upwards of $33 a week to advertise there, in no way addresses the core issue of SVM Global Initiative’s business model.

That being commissions are paid out of subsequently recruited investors, with nothing, through SVM Global Initiative itself, being marketed to or sold to retail customers.

There’s no external retail revenue connecting any work Tabarsi might claim her investors perform to the commissions they are paid out.

Even with a third-party classified site, SVM Global Initiative investors still pay a weekly fee to qualify to receive commissions from recruited investors who do the same.

Another indicator is the attraction of investors in India, who have jumped on the scheme in typical Ponzi fashion.

Tabarsi complained that she’s received around 600 applications from Indians, many of which are duplicates (multiple positions), incomplete and/or failed to contain real information.

Of course raising these concerns here will probably again be dismissed as work of the Illuminati, with Tabarsi refusing to acknowledge anything until one of her friends reads and regurgitates what is written here to her.

Whether or not Tabarsi will then finally address the Ponzi issue instead of adopting pseudo-compliance remains to be seen.

Personally I’m doubtful, with Tabarsi claiming on the call that

if (US regulators) are not supportive, I’m going to leave the country and do everything out of the country.

That suggests that rather than restructure SVM Global Initiative’s three-tier matrix cycler model into something that relies on the sale of products to retail customers, Tabarsi will instead flee the US.

Then, from a jurisdiction she believes will see her safe from US regulators, will proceed to launch SVM Global Initiative as she originally designed it (a Ponzi scheme).

In the meantime Tabarsi repeatedly stated on the call that anyone who joined SVM Global Initiative to make money was “welcome to leave”.

Of course anyone opting to do so would be refused a refund, with Tabarsi citing SVM Global Initiative’s “strict no refunds policy”.

Stay tuned…