spintcash-logoMLM flavor of the month definitely appears to be the internatl advertising network + matrix based compensation plan. There’s been a flurry of these shallow opportunities released over the past 6 months or so and today we’re going to take a look at yet another one.

Read on for a full review of the SpinCash MLM opportunity.

The Company

The ‘spintcash.com’ domain was registered on the 24th November 2011 and is registered privately through Domains By Proxy.

No further information is given on the SpintCash website about who owns the company.

As always, if a company isn’t upfront about who is running things be extremely cautious in signing up and joining. A business opportunity with an anonymous owner is almost always a bad sign.

The SpintCash Product Line

SpintCash have no retailable products and instead offer their members advertising space on an internal advertising network.

This network displays full screen login ads, text ads and banner ads to members of the SpintCash opportunity.

For their monthly membership fee, SpintCash members are given 3 text, banner and login based ads to be displayed on the SpintCash advertising network with an unspecified amount of guaranteed impressions each month.

The SpintCash Compensation Plan

The SpintCash compensation plan can essentially be broken up into three components:

  • recruitment commissions
  • matrix commissions
  • the SpintCash Pool Line

Here’s a rundown of each component;

Recruitment Commissions

Dubbed the ‘5 Tier Referral Bonuses’, SpintCash’s recruitment commissions pay you out $1 each time you recruit a new member to the company, down five levels.

For example, you recruit person A, who recruit B – both you and A receive $1.

This principle works down 5 levels, which in the above example would extend to person E (A–>B–>C–>D–>E) and $1 would be paid out to D, C, B, A and you.

This five level tier branches out from any SpintCash member you directly refer.

Matrix Commissions

SpintCash uses a 5×5 matrix to pay out its matrix commissions. With you at the top, five legs branch out which in turn branch out another five legs and so on and so forth down 5 levels.

As you begin to fill out your SpintCash matrix, the first few levels will look something like this;

This matrix holds 3905 positions and SpintCash as you fill out your matrix, SpintCash pay you a monthly commission. Each level as a different payout commission as follows;

  • Level 1 – $4 (5 positions = $20 total)
  • Level 2 – $1 (25 positions = $25 total)
  • Level 3 – $1 (125 positions = $125 total)
  • Level 4 – $1 (625 positions = $625 total)
  • Level 5 – $3 (3125 positions = $9,375 total)

Note that on the SpintCash website, they have calculated Level 4’s total commissions as being $325 rather than $625 – I assume this is either a typo on their behalf or some sort of hidden ‘tax’ not mentioned in the compensation plan.

The SpintCash Pool Line

SpintCash don’t actually explain the SpintCash Pool Line on their website beyond stating that

Every Member Who upgraded account to Elite Member Will Earn Even If You Cannot Recruit.

From what I can gather though, the SpintCash Pool Line works as a queueing system and members advance in the line each time somebody upgrades their account (pays Spint Cash money).

Each time somebody upgrades to ‘Elite’ membership from free membership, the queue whoever is at the top gets $5 and the queue moves up.

The illustration SpintCash use shows groups of four so this may be paid out in groups of four, but in essence the $5 commissions is triggered in the same manner (somebody needs to join the company).

Joining SpintCash

Membership to SpintCash is advertised as free. As a free member commissions can still be earnt, but they are restricted earning only off SpintCash’s recruitment commissions (as above in the compensation plan).

Given that nobody is going to be wasting time recruiting people to SpintCash for $1 commissions, effectively joining SpintCash will set you back $20 a month.

A $20 a month account is called an ‘Elite account’ and qualifies you to earn on all three components of the compensation plan.


From the SpintCash FAQ;

Do I have to refer anyone to make money?


SpintCash have no product to retail and the company doesn’t clearly inform you of who is running things and/or owns the business.

These two should be red flags enough on their own but the fact that commissions are all recruitment based pretty much cements the deal.

SpintCash is yet just another recruitment based pyramid scam. Without the recruitment of new members and existing members paying their monthly membership fee to cover the commissions, nobody is getting paid.

Nothing is being sold here except membership which pretty much sums up the entire SpintCash opportunity.

Run away from this one as fast as you can.