Back in late May, Speak Asia had their bank accounts frozen and since then, they’ve been unable to pay their members for recruiting others to Speak Asia doing surveys.

As we near almost two months without Speak Asia having paid a single member and with no end in sight to the regulatory problems plaguing the company, one can’t help but question the mindset of those who are still with it.

Those who, despite the obvious recruitment driven pyramid scheme nature of Speak Asia’s compensation plan, refuse to believe the company has done anything wrong, or is deserving of the regulatory and media attention that has been directed its way.

I could label them idiots, simpletons, crooks themselves or the uneducated – but thanks to Speak Asia themselves, I don’t have to.

Speak Asia themselves continue to prove that they believe the majority of their memberbase are complete morons.

Following the press release Speak Asia put out last week, which blatantly attempted to push the ‘us vs. them’ mob mentality without addressing any of the concerns about the company’s business model, Speak Asia have now released a promotional video titled attempting to further clarify their position.


Foreword: The following is an actual video put out by Speak Asia in a professional capacity.

I wish I was but I’m not making this up. It’s meant to be taken seriously and is depicted as an accurate representation of current events facing the company. /end foreword


Hilariously, the eleven minute long Speak Asia video titled ‘The Torchbearer’, opens by ripping off the Star Wars musical theme.

And it’s not the first time they’ve done it either. From there they compare Speak Asia to the steam engine, air flight, space exploration and then the evolution of technology itself.

Note that the entire video is in Hindi but the idea and concepts that Speak Asia are pushing in the video are relatively easy enough to ascertain.

After comparing themselves and their pyramid scheme business model to some of the greatest technological advancements in the twentieth century, Speak Asia then launch into a hilarious Bollywood style diatribe.

Here’s Speak Asia’s representation of themselves, climbing the pole of success no less;

Establishing themselves as innovators, Speak Asia then compare business success to that of a Snakes & Ladders board game;

In the video, upon reaching square 96, Speak Asia hit a ‘snake’;

The snake is obviously designed to represent Speak Asia’s critics, the Indian government and regulatory authorities currently investigating the company.

Here’s how Speak Asia currently see themselves in the face of investigations into their business model;

And this would be how they see the government, regulators and their critics…

Hilarious? You betcha.

The video then goes on to show the evil looking ‘negatives’ attack and try to kill our little Speak Asian hero.

Only, unlike in reality where a company is held accountable for its business practices, in Speak Asia’s video our hero is victorious and everyone can get on with making money off recruiting others.

As if the Bollywood style montage wasn’t embarrassing enough, in the Torchbearer video Speak Asia also compare themselves to Rediff, Yahoo, Alavista (sic), eBay, Geocities (now defunct), Hotmail and other recognisable dotcom businesses.

They also compare themselves to John Norton (Norton Antivirus), Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft).

After watching the video in its entirey I’ve only got one thing to say;

Are Speak Asia’s members complete idiots? How anyone could believe such an oversimplified dramatised production is beyond me. Remember this isn’t a children’s entertainment show or religious production, it’s supposed to be an explanation of the current events surrounding a company facing regulatory investigation.

If Speak Asia’s Torchbearer video was supposed to be anything but a serious business presentation (touted with a straight face no less), then I’d be all for applauding the company for injecting a bit of creativity into it’s affairs.

But at the end of the day, cmon guys… You’re not fooling anyone with your pretty colors and demonic representations of regulators or your critics.

There’s a very serious recruitment driven problem with Speak Asia’s business model and, despite what they want you to think, it is the only reason they are currently in the mess they’re in.