speak-asia-online-logoFor what feels like forever now, Speak Asia Online have been stuck in somewhat of a limbo where they cannot pay their members.

As such, existing members, who need to recruit others to make any sizable income have had an increasingly hard time recruiting others on the promise of ‘they’ll get their payment clearance sorted out soon’, when soon appears to be a forever extended boundary just out of reach.

Naturally, as frustrations have mounted within the Speak Asia memberbase (there’s only so long you can survive on the promise of paid commissions ‘coming soon’), this has also no doubt weighted heavily on Harendar Kaur and the management of Speak Asia.

In a hilarious newsletter published on their website sometime over the last twenty four hours, it appears Speak Asia seem to have finally cracked.

Headlined ‘Delay is the deadliest form of denial’ the diatribe ridden newsletter lashes out at the Indian authorities who are hampering their efforts to conduct business.

In an attempt to appeal to the uneducated and stir up mob mentality, Speak Asia continue with their ‘us vs. them’ mentality and seem to be attempting to provoke their members into protesting against the government and as such getting them to cave in.

All in the meantime detracting away from Speak Asia’s recruitment driven business model which is really what got them into trouble in the first place.

Speak Asia accuse their critics and Indian government regulators as being the

product of misguided thinking, unbridled envy, and a desire to destroy what they cannot build.

They do what they do with a clear understanding that their victory lies in imposing impossible delays, so that the enthusiasm, the dedication and the morale of our team suffers.

They are a set of people with deadly intent. They seek nothing less than the destruction and permanent stoppage of our business.

Deadly intent? Although I strive to maintain a professional manner on BehindMLM, even I’m having a hard time taking Speak Asia’s overdose of injected drama seriously.

Note that none of the above goes into why Speak Asia are being investigated, all they do is merely speculate and invent reasons behind the delays.

Speak Asia ironically address these investigations early on in the newsletter;

They never say an outright NO. It is always a MAYBE, or let us consider in DUE COURSE.

Due course naturally being ‘after we’ve finished investigating the extent to which you operate within our country and how you do so.

Conceding for the first time that Speak Asia is currently riddled with problems (as opposed to the ‘everything is fine, keep recruiting those new members we’ll have it sorted out soon), Speak Asia acknowledge that;

  • they are currently unable to issue payments to any of their members. The banks have frozen their business accounts and they are unable to move any money out of them. This apparently includes paying vendors who they are buying products from to stock their new ‘Yug’ shopping portal.
  • various parties have begun legal action against Speak Asia online, which the company instantly dismisses as ‘harassment and denial‘.
  • the company ‘has been brought to a situation where we are not able to move even one inch.’

Now this should have been clear back when Speak Asia’s assets and accounts were first frozen back at the end of May.

But oh no. Speak Asia had to go and continue to dig themselves into a hole by professing everything was normal and attempting to continue their business operations despite not being able to pay anyone.

Now whose fault is that?

Despite it being completely against logic, Speak Asia then also go on to claim that

We are sure that during their probe these agencies have realized that our Company is working strictly within the laws of the land in both letter and spirit and has been diligently complying with every law.

However, in this highly charged environment and constant pressures of various quarters most of these agencies would have found it difficult to give a “clean chit” in writing.

A ‘clean chit’ refers to clearance for Speak Asia to continue its business operations. Does it make any sense at all that regulators would simply refuse to give Speak Asia a ‘clean chit’ if they thought the business model was legit?

Blaming the fallacies of your pyramid scheme business model on a ‘highly charged environment with constant pressures is just simply put, downright misleading. If Speak Asia were an individual, I’d even go so far as to say they were outright lying.

The rest of the newsletter continues in much of the same fashion and closes with

We shall Overcome. We shall emerge vindicated, We shall become victorious. We shall not close down our business in India.

Because no one can deny people an opportunity to earn an Honest Living.

We will deny the ultimate victory to the delayers.

Far be it from me to be a sore thumb but how exactly do you make an honest living when you’re participating in a blatant pyramid scheme?

As a writer, it’s been quite amusing to watch these newsletters play out over the past few months. With increasing desperation and outrageous claims it’s clear that whoever is writing them, despite having a good grasp of English, has no formal professional training in writing what are effectively press releases.

Infact given the personal frustration which shines through this latest newsletter, I’d even go so far as to say they’re being penned by Harender Kaur herself.

At the end of the day, the heart of Speak Asia’s business model is a recruitment driven pyramid scheme. As I’ve maintained, this and this alone has brought down the regulatory action and subsequent negative press currently crippling their business operations.

Rather then accept this and cut and run (which is what usually happens), instead Speak Asia have taken it upon themselves to fight for the legitimacy of pyramid schemes and engage in a very public meltdown.

Personally I’m enjoying the fireworks quite thoroughly and I look forward to many more supercharged newsletters from Kaur. With no resolution in sight (either someone is going to have to grow a pair and officially label Speak Asia as a pyramid scheme, or the company is going to have to change its business model) this is only going to end in tears.

You can read the hilarious newsletter in its entirety over at Speak Asia’s official website.