Following the collapse of its original Ponzi scheme, SolaRoad is rebooting the scam as Laniakea.

SolaRoad’s original Ponzi scheme ran through Acoin and SOD. Both shitcoins have no value outside of SolaRoad itself.

SolaRoad’s “AI Ocean” blockchain grift is gone. Laniakea being pitched as a more broader “public chain”.

This is of course another ruse to hide SolaRoad’s rebooted Ponzi behind.

Said Ponzi will operate through the newly created shitcoin LKEA.

SolaRoad’s Acoin and SOD are presumably abandoned.

As SolaRoad’s owners scramble to cobble together marketing nonsense to feed their investors, specific details of the rebooted Ponzi have been left out.

SolaRoad’s original Ponzi saw affiliates invest $100 or more of tether, on the promise of a 1.5% daily return.

Attached to this Ponzi scheme was referral commissions, financially incentivizing recruitment of new investors.

Expect a similar model with Laniakea and LKEA.

SolaRoad lasted roughly two months. MLM Ponzi reboots tend to collapse faster than their predecessors, so I expect I’ll be putting out a “Laniakea has also collapsed” article pretty soon.

SolaRoad is believed to be run by Chinese scammers.

Due to targeting of investors outside of China, it is unlikely Chinese authorities will do anything about the scam.