Sometime over the last few days the SofTrade AI Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

At the time of publication SofTrade AI’s website is unresponsive. The company’s fake CEO Ryan Baines has disappeared.

Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you are.

From what I’ve been able to piece together, SofTrade AI stopped paying withdrawals a few weeks back.

On April 12th Ryan Baines changed the company’s official Facebook pages from “SofTradeAI Trading Academy” and “SofTradeAI Global” to “Trading Academy” and “Online Investment Business” respectively.

SofTrade AI’s official YouTube channel has also since been closed.

The fake Ryan Baines Facebook profile is still up, although it’s been scrubbed back to February 2nd.

SofTrade AI launched earlier this year and promised investors 2% to 4% daily returns.

Ryan Baines was outed as actor Marko Stevic in February. After we published our article, the SofTrade AI admin using the Baines account attempted to reassure investors:

Here we are just over a month later.

Total SofTrade AI investor losses are unknown. Given whoever is running and profited from SofTrade AI is believed to be based out of eastern Europe, regulatory action is unlikely.