SofTrade’s fake CEO Ryan Baines has been outed as Fivver actor Marko Stevic.

Stevic, who is believed to reside in Serbia, pitched himself on Fiverr as a “digital marketing expert”.

After he was outed as Ryan Baines, Stevic deleted his Fiverr profile.

When he’s not pretending to be the CEO of Ponzi schemes, Stevic presents various sports related videos on YouTube.

After being confronted by angry investors looking for an explanation, whoever is actually running SofTrade AI doubled down on the deception.

The problem with turning a blind eye to Ponzi fraud “as long as you get paid”, is eventually, and typically without warning, you stop getting paid.

By then of course it’s too late to do anything and, as we ram home in every relevant review, when a Ponzi scheme inevitably collapses the majority of investors lose money – no exceptions.

Unfortunately this point is lost on the more gullible SofTrade AI investors:

These are the same people who show up after a Ponzi collapse, begging for advice on how to get their money back.

BehindMLM reviewed SofTrade AI last month. We called the fake CEO and noted that SofTrade AI is not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction it solicits investment in.

The irony of a scheme creating a fake executive but swearing it pays returns on real trading seems lost on SofTrade AI’s investors.

Legitimate passive investment trading companies are registered as legally required. They also don’t hire actors to play fake CEOs.

You know who does? Scammers.


Update 16th April 2020 – As of the week beginning April 13th, SofTrade AI has collapsed.