The Six Sigma Trade Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

The company’s website is still up however all of its YouTube marketing videos have been deleted.

On Facebook Six Sigma Trade was celebrating its top scammers up until January 25th.

Complaints from investors detail withdrawal problems dating back to October 2020.

From what I’ve been able to piece together, in response to withdrawal issues Six Sigma Trade introduced a “withdrawal card”.

Withdrawal cards were distributed first to top affiliates, who promptly used them to cash out as much as they could.

Cue Six Sigma Trade’s collapse, leaving the majority of affiliate investors with a loss.

Six Sigma Trade was headed up by Boris CEO Sura Bianca.

Based on a prelaunch video supposedly shot in Russia, we assumed that’s where Six Sigma Trade was being run from.

When BehindMLM reviewed Six Sigma Trade in July 2020, Russia was the primary source of traffic to the company’s website.

The company’s official Facebook page however is run out of Pakistan, casting doubt on its Russian origins.

In any event be it Russian or Pakistani scammers, authorities in either country are not known for active MLM Ponzi regulation.

That combined with the use of cryptocurrency renders any hopes of Six Sigma Trade loss recovery highly unlikely.