Most people who have signed up with LCF Coin appear to have a “what if…” attitude.

There’s nothing particular harmful about it alone, but if you have to dismiss ample evidence that points to LCF Coin being completely bogus, that’s when the problems start.

On the marketing front, LCF Coin’s big draw card is a bunch of baloney about the Rothschild family partnering up with the Chinese government. The Rothschild family are also apparently going to build a 170,000 m² office to run LCF Coin from too.

Needless to say with no third-party confirmation, the claims are pretty unbelievable.

For those who reveled in the improbability of the Rothschild family and Chinese government partnering up low-key without any public announcement, bad news.

On their financial advisory group website, yesterday the Rothschild family publicly clarified they have absolutely no association with LCF Coin.

The warning (auto-translated from Chinese below) refers to LCF Coin as the “LCF Project” and cites a Chinese website that is non-responsive.

We have recently been informed of an informal fund raising activity in China that calls itself the “Rothschild Family LCF Project”.

The fund-raising activities that it is the investment of electronic money or “Internet of Things” fund projects.

The fund-raising activities related to the display of online advertising activity at

We hereby clarify and remind investors that the Rothschild Family LCF Project has misused our company “Rothschild” and “Rothschild” in its fund raising activities without permission. Rothschild & Co. is not affiliated with the fund raising activity.

So there you have it, the Rothschild family has nothing to do with LCF Coin. And it’s probably a safe bet, outside of its regulatory agencies, that the Chinese government hasn’t heard of them either.