Jason Cardiff’s request for $42,596 a month to cover his family’s expenses has been reduced to $4300 a month.

Of the $4300 granted, $2500 covers child support leaving $1800 for “groceries and daily necessities”.

The court declined to meet Cardiff’s $42,596 a month ask because expenses were ‘neither accurately calculated nor reasonably explicated in the record’.

There are ongoing discussions between the parties to establish and verify the accuracy of the Cardiff’s claimed expenses.

In related news the FTC and Redwood Receiver have been granted permission to conduct additional discovery.

Said discovery pertains to

the nature, location, status, and extent of Defendants’ Assets and Receivership Property; or compliance with the Preliminary Injunctions or this Court’s 7/24/2020 Contempt Order.

Not sure whether any popcorn will come of the order yet but, given the Cardiff’s history of lying and concealment, who knows what the FTC and Receiver might uncover.

Stay tuned…