The next chapter in the FTC’s fraud case against Redwood Scientific Technologies is likely to be mediation.

On April 17th a court order referred the case to a Magistrate Judge for settlement.

On April 23rd defendants Jason and Eunjung Cardiff filed a motion requesting a stay on proceedings, pending the outcome of their recently filed appeal.

The Cardiffs filed an appeal after the court found them to be in contempt earlier this month.

The court initially scheduled a hearing on the Cardiff’s stay motion for May 15th.

Later the same day the Cardiffs requested the hearing be bumped up.

In-between a decision on that motion, the court clerk found the original stay motion was filed incorrectly. This resulted in a new May 22nd hearing date.

On April 28th the court granted the Cardiff’s motion.

The FTC has been directed to file a reply to the motion by May 1st. The Cardiffs then have until May 4th to file a response, after which the court will rule on the matter without a hearing.

At the time of publication the FTC hasn’t filed a response. I’ll be keeping an eye on the docket for updates.