Rain International and Christina Rahm Cook have settled a lawsuit pertaining to Cook’s claimed credentials.

As part of the settlement, Cook’s counterclaims against Rain have also been settled.

Rain International filed suit against Cook back in 2021. In their lawsuit Rain alleged;

Rain and Cook entered into a contract specifying as much in September 2016.

In the negotiations leading up to the contract, Cook represented that she held a PhD in a scientific field and that “she had extensive scientific knowledge and work experience.”

Rain and Cook entered into additional agreements in February 2017, November 2017, and December 2019.

Rain alleges that Cook does not have a PhD, that she does not have extensive scientific knowledge, and that she otherwise misrepresented her credentials.

Rain alleges that Cook’s misrepresentations have harmed its reputation and goodwill among its customers.

Rain further alleges that rather than performing her duties under the contracts, Cook used Rain’s resources to “gain Rain’s highly confidential and competitive product information” to develop “products competitive with Rain.”

As per a May 15th Status Report filed on the Rain International case docket;

The parties are pleased to report that on May 15, 2023, they executed a final settlement agreement.

The parties expect that pursuant to the terms of that agreement (which are confidential), they will file a joint dismissal of
this action within three or four weeks of the date on which this Status Report is submitted, and the parties request that the Court continue the abatement of this action until June 9, 2023.

A Stipulation of Dismissal was filed in both Rain’s case and Cook’s counterclaim case on May 19th. As above, details of the reached settlement are confidential.

At time of publication the court has yet to close both cases. I’ll leave an update below when that happens.


Update 19th June 2023 – Both Rain’s lawsuit and Christina Cook’s counterclaim were closed on May 22nd.

This brings BehindMLM’s coverage of the lawsuits to a close.