Ghana’s youth are sick of QNet scammers targeting them for recruitment.

Pulse reports earlier this week a group of “angry youth”, armed with machetes, stick and clubs, attacked a local QNet office.

A spokesperson for the group stated;

QNet is fraudulent and scamming a number of people.

The presence of QNet Independent Representatives and hundreds of victims have increased crime in the area.

At least one QNet scammer was stabbed as a result of the raid. According to Pulse, protesting youth had planned to torch the office but were stopped by police.

The Nkenkaasu QNet office has remained closed since the attack.

In the aftermath police have arrested one of the youths. This prompted the group to front Nkenkaasu Police Station on November 10th, demanding their release.

Disturbingly, it appears QNet operates in Nkenkaasu with the blessing of local authorities.

The Assembly member for the area, Mustapha Seido Mohammed, told Starr News, he was facilitating a stakeholder meeting between the community, police and QNet officials to resolve the feud.

He explained to Starr News that QNet started operating in the community a year and a half ago, having introduced themselves to him, the traditional rulers and the police.

Two days ago Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Information held a news conference regarding QNet’s business operations.

Ms Fatimatu Abubakar, told a news conference in Accra yesterday that victims of QNET ended up as hostages in Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Mali and other countries under deplorable conditions.

Victims are lured into lucrative non-existing jobs but end up entrapped in the operations of a network marketing company, QNET.

“Upon arrival in these countries, the victims are stripped off their valuables, held hostage under squalid conditions and forced to commit to QNET services by signing a contract under duress.

The only way for victims to gain their freedom is to be compelled to lure others into the business,” she said.

Ghana’s Attorney-General has petitied the Accra High Court to dissolve QNet nationally and declare it an illegal business.

It is the case of the A-G that QNET … engages in various “fraudulent schemes” such as inviting the public to buy products for outrageous and non-existent profits.

BehindMLM reviewed QNet in December 2017. We found it to be one of the most egregious examples of an MLM pyramid scheme.

As long as money is collected from victims, QNet continues to ignore victim hostage practices across Africa.


Update 4th November 2022 – Following a regulatory enforcement action against the company, QNet has been ordered to get out of Ghana.