pyxism-logoAs the TVI Express empire appears to be crumbling all around the world, Pyxism are attempting to capitalise on the once popular MLM opportunity.

Claiming that TVI Express is no longer valid in India, Pyxism estimate that there are now ‘three million members worldwide‘ now looking for a travel based MLM opportunity.

Enter Pyxism India, Pyxism’s official entry in the Indian MLM opportunity market.

Even with a compensation plan revamp though, just like the original Pyxism, Pyxism India is still nothing more than recruitment driven MLM partnered with a completely irrelevant product.

The Pyxism India Product Line

As before with Pyxism, Pyxism India are offering travel vacations. Depending on which level you buy into within the company, you are entitled to a set amount of vacation weeks annually. They are as follows;

Explorer: 1 week

Compass: 2 weeks

Horizon: 5 weeks

Navigator: 15 weeks

These vacation weeks are essentially time shares booked through a third party company and Pyxism themselves do nothing more then resell access to them.

The Pyxism India Compensation Plan

Gone are the ladders that existed under the original Pyxism compensation plan. They’ve been replaced by a more traditional matrix based compensation structure which, despite Pyxism harping on about how TVI is prohibited from operating in India, ironically virtually makes Pyxism a clone of TVI compensation plan wise.

Pyxism India are calling it the ‘P149 Hybrid Compensation Plan’ and in a nutshell, you pay money to get a spot on one of Pyxism’s four matrix levels and so long as you’ve recruited people (or someone else has), you get paid.

Here’s Pyxism India’s compensation matrices in a little more detail;

The Explorer Matrix

This is Pyxism India’s entry level matrix and exists solely to facilitate those who can’t cough up $299 to enter at the Compass level. Why someone who can’t afford $299 is joining a company that sells vacations that once you factor in airfares and other travel expenses well exceeds $299 is beyond me, but I digress.

The Explorer Matrix is a simply 2×2 matrix meaning there’s 2 levels underneath you and four levels under that level (2 on each side);

Entry into the Explorer matrix will set you back $149 and offers you a $375 payout upon filling the matrix.

Note that the Explorer matrix is a once off deal and once completed, $299 of your $375 is put towards the cost of entering the Compass Matrix.

This means that upon filling your Explorer Matrix with new Pyxism members, you take home just $76.

The Compass Matrix

The Compass Matrix operates in the same way as Explorer, but is a 2×3 matrix. This means that there are an additional eight spots to fill.

Note that unlike the Explorer matrix, the Compass matrix (as well as the Horizon and Navigator matrices) can be filled by existing members cycling out of their current matrices to join you.

Entry into the Compass Matrix is $299 and upon completion the payout is $1000.

Note that from your first Compass matrix payout, you have to qualify for subsequent payouts. Qualification requires you to personally recruit two members at either the Compass, Horizon or Navigator levels.

These sponsored members must they themselves be qualified (meaning they too have to have two qualified members at either the Compass, Horizon or Navigator levels and so on and so forth).

If you are not qualified by the time of your second Compass (or first Horizon or Navigator) matrix cycle, Pyxism India will hold 50% of the cycle payout for 30 days. If you’re not qualified after this time Pyxism will then hold 25% of the original payout. If a member is still not qualified after 60 days, they forfeit the matrix cycle payout.

The Horizon Matrix

The Horizon matrix is identical to the Compass matrix except that the entry fee is $750 with a $2500 payout.

The Navigator Matrix

Again, identical to Horizon and Compass with a $2,250 entry and 10,000 payout.

The Sponsor Bonus

The Sponsor Bonus is a recurring payout made when a Pyxism India member you’ve directly sponsored, or a member they’ve directly sponsored (your first and second levels) cycles out of either a Compass, Horizon or Navigator matrix.

At the Compass level the payout is $50, Horizon pays out $150 and Navigator $500.

The only requirement for the Sponsor Bonus is that you are a qualified member (2 personally qualified sponsored members participating in either Compass, Horizon or Navigator).

The Leadership Bonus

While the Sponsor Bonus only pays two levels deep, the Leadership Bonus pays out six levels deep. Along with this payout however comes qualification requirements. You have two options to qualify and they are as follows;

  • Compass – 2 personally sponsored members + $39.99 monthly Pyxism Active Store Front or 6 personally sponsored members
  • Horizon – 4 personally sponsored members + $39.99 monthly Pyxism Active Store Front or 8 personally sponsored members
  • Navigator – 6 personally sponsored members + $39.99 monthly Pyxism Active Store Front or 10 personally sponsored members

Note that the payouts for the Leadership Bonus are the same as the Sponsor Bonus, $50, $150 and $500 at the Compass, Horizon and Navigator levels respectively.

Fast Start Bonus

Pyxism India offer a Fast Start Bonus to their members who show recruitment initiative upon joining the company.

For each new member a Pyxism India member recruits within their first 21 days of joining, Pyxism India will reward the sponsoring member with a $25 payout.

The matrix ‘Hybrid Payout’ system

Rather then calling their compensation plan a straight matrix based plan, Pyxism India are claiming it’s a ‘hrybid’ due to the optional hybrid payout system they’ve implemented.

This hybrid payout system allows members to cash in half their matrix payout upon completion of half of the last level of a Compass, Horizon or Navigator matrix (3 members).

As far as I can tell this is just pure gimmickery. The hybrid payout doesn’t change the total payout and in theory would only be utilised by someone worried that they’re going to have trouble completely filling a matrix they’re on.

For the most part it’s going to have little to no effect on Pyxism India’s member payouts.

The Pyxism India Travel Storefont

From what I can tell, nothing has changed with the Pyxism Travel Storefront in Pyxism India. Here’s what I wrote about the Travel Storefront when I first reviewed the Pyxism opportunity;

Purchasers of the Travel Storefront are only able to receive commissions on travel sales made by other retail customers. This is stated to be a 50% commission but it’s important to note that this isn’t a 50% commission on the sale price, rather it’s a split commission on what the third party company offers.

Say someone books car hire through your portal for $100 and the agent commission is $15, you’ll then make 50% of that which is $7.50.

Naturally the agent commissions aren’t public so exactly how much a ’50% commission’ is will depend on what services people are purchasing through your Storefront and the commissions offered by various third party suppliers that Pyxism utilises.

Nothing all that special and with the commissions a shadow of the money being thrown around in the matrices, there’s really no incentive to focus any attention on retailing travel within the Pyxism India opportunity.

Note that differing from the original Pyxism compensation plan, under Pxism India, if you recruit four new members a month the $39.99 monthly subscribtion fee for the Travefront is waivered.


As you can see, apart from dispensing with the ladders and introducing a matrix based compensation plan, with the introduction of Pyxism India nothing much has changed with the Pyxism MLM opportunity.

All of the bonuses have a recruitment requirement attached to them and to even qualify for the bonuses you need to have personally recruited two Pyxism members who they themselves are qualified.

With this requirement in place it creates a constant need for new Pyxism members to seek out new members to qualify themselves. These new members then need to do the same and what we have is an perpetual never ending search for new members.

The Pyxism India product is just as irrelevant as ever and apart from reducing the recruitment requirements to qualify Pyxism India members for the Leadership Bonus, is completely disconnected from the compensation plan.

Pyxism India could make bananas, empty cardboard boxes or even toenail clippings to as the company’s primary product, it really doesn’t matter.

Ironically in trying to capture the Indian MLM market, Pyxism India have wedged their success on the basis that TVI Express failed to deliver a product as to the reason they claim they are not operating in India.

In doing so, with the creation of Pyxism India, Pyxism have basically created a TVI Express clone. Obviously not realising that the reason TVI Express is falling apart is due to the unsustainable recruitment driven matrices they employed in the TVI compensation plan.

The very same style matrices Pyxism India are now employing in theirs.

Pyxism India is basically TVI Express 2.0, and like it’s predecessor will most likely suffer the same fate. An unsustainable recruitment based compensation plan is going to ultimately fail, no matter which company employs it or what product(s) you pair it with.