power9-matrix-logoOne would think at this stage the era of matrix based MLM companys that don’t even try to mask the fact that they are just recruitment driven opportunities would be far and inbetween.

Yet it still amazes me that companies like Power9 Matrix are being launched every other week. Read on for a full review of the Power9 Matrix opportunity.

The Company

Power9 Matrix make no mention of who is running or operating the company on their website.

The power9matrix.com domain was registered on the 23rd December, 2011 and the domain registration is set to private.

As always, when a MLM company is not upfront about who is running things, approach the opportunity with extreme caution and think long and hard about signing up and handing over any money.

The Power9 Matrix Product

Power9 Matrix offer their members access to an undisclosed amount of e-book downloads.

These e-books appear to be focused on the internet marketing niche. Currently Power9 Matrix are using ImageShack to host the image thumbnails of their products but they haven’t bothered to register their domain with ImageShack, so the images aren’t working.

Perhaps a reflection of the overall competency of the owner of Power9 Matrix.

The Power9 Matrix Compensation Plan

Power9 Matrix uses a series of matrix which, once filled the company pays you out a commission on.

There are seven levels of matrices in total and once a member fills a matrix up and cycles out of it, they gain re-entry into the same level of matrix as well as entry into a higher level matrix.

Power9 Matrix use a combination of 2×2, 2×3 and 2×4 matrices that members have to fill (6, 14 and 30 member positions in total respectively).

  • Matrix 1 – 2×2 matrix that pays out $9 once filled
  • Matrix 2 – 2×3 matrix that pays out $80 once filled
  • Matrix 3 – 2×3 matrix that pays out $310 once filled
  • Matrix 4 – 2×4 matrix that pays out $2,432 once filled
  • Matrix 5 – 2×4 matrix that pays out $11,960 once filled
  • Matrix 6 – 2×4 matrix that pays out $60,800 once filled
  • Matrix 7 – 2×3 matrix that pays out $200,000 one filled

Power9 Matrix also offered a recruitment cycle bonus that they pay out when ever someone you’ve personally recruited to the company cycles out a matrix (matrices 2 and upwards only).

  • Matrix 2 – $10
  • Matrix 3 – $50
  • Matrix 4 – $250
  • Matrix 5 – $1000
  • Matrix 6 – $4,000
  • Matrix 7 – $16,000

Joining Power9 Matrix

The cost to join Power9 Matrix is a one time membership fee of $9.


In their FAQ, Power9 Matrix attempt to reassure members that

Power 9 Matrix is 100% legal.1000% successful.Power 9 Matrix offers fantastic Products and Services and that is why our program is perfectly legal.

You are Promoting E-book as a Affiliate.By the way you’ll getting Commission Per Sale As per the Plan.

Then, on the same page they give the game away by also stating that

How do I make money with Power 9 Matrix ?

Once you join inPower 9 Matrix, you will be given a Webpage to refer other people to Power9matrix.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about Power9 Matrix.

The products are in no way tied into the commission structure of the compensation plan and all commissions are paid out of the membership fees of existing members.

You join Power9 Matrix, you get a website and then it is the income opportunity itself you promote rather than any products or services offered by the company.

Stay clear of this one folks.