Following disabling of withdrawals on August 19th, the Polinur Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Rather than just admit they’re making off with invested funds, Polinur are telling affiliates the company “was arrested in China”.

Polinur launched a few months ago and pitched daily returns of up to 2.4%. The Ponzi scheme is believed to have been run by Russians, which makes their exit-scam excuse all the more amusing.

BehindMLM reviewed Polinur on July 8th. In our review we noted Polinur celebrating “partner of the week” Manny Delgado.

Delgado, a Florida resident, promotes multiple Ponzi schemes on his YouTube channel “The Real Manny D”.

Delgado recruits victims into the scams he promotes through the website “Crypto Surplus”.

Back in July Delgado had recruited eight-seven investors into Polinur, who together signed up to lose $33,113.

It’s unclear, as of August, how many victims Delgado recruited into Polinur. What we do know is he put in $10,145 and withdrew $42,686.

In an attempt to find out why he was no longer able to steal money, Delgado reached out to Polinur support on August 21st.

In correspondence shared by Delgado in an August 22nd video titled “Polinur Is Done – Arrested In China?”, Delgado reveals Polinur’s exit-scam.

Needless to say nobody was arrested in China and Polinur’s accounts weren’t locked.

In the wake of Polinur’s collapse, Delgado claims he’s not going to be joining any more Ponzi schemes. Instead he’s going to launch one of his own.

Not because he cares about his viewers losing money. Rather, Delgado claims he has his own “project” coming out.

I will not be joining any more platforms. Personally I have my own project that’s coming out.

I have a trading platform that is coming out. Let’s just put it that way. And that will be coming out before the end of this month.

It’s a platform where you’ll be able to earn 2% a day. Real trading is being done.

We’ve been working on this for months … and I am the CEO of this company. We have an active company already, which is active, legally in the state of Florida.

Trading, typically via AI or a bot, is the most common Ponzi scheme ruse used by scammers.

Neither Polinur or Delgado are registered with the SEC. Delgado state’s he’ll continue to promote the NovaTech FX and The Future Trade Ponzi schemes, both of which are also not registered with the SEC.

While promoting Ponzi schemes constitutes securities fraud, running his own investment scams would see Delgado escalate his illegal conduct.

At time of its collapse, SimilarWeb tracks top sources of traffic to Polinur’s website as Russia (21%), Vietnam (12%) and Ukraine (8%).

Total Polinur victim numbers and how much the majority of investors lost is remains unknown.


Update 24th August 2022 – Manny Delgado swearing off new Ponzi schemes lasted less than 24 hours.

As per the screenshot above, Delgado is now promoting Meme Club. Meme Club is another Boris CEO Ponzi run by Russian scammers.


Update 5th September 2022 – Manny Delgado continues to promote Ponzi schemes on his “The Real Manny D” website.

He has however deleted all of his Polinur promotional videos, including the “china arrest” video cited in this article.

I had originally included a link to the video which has now been removed.