One would think a legitimate MLM company with nothing to hide would be open to interviews, especially when they themselves initiated a request for one.

Not so with PM International, who after requesting Norwegian media interview their CEO in Luxembourg, presented them with a list of outrageous demands.

TV2’s Health Control program (Helsekontrollen) began investigating PM International’s FitLine range of powdered nutritional supplements.

That investigation lead them to PM International’s local affiliates, who on social media “strongly proclaim the health effects of the powder(s)”.

When contacted by Health Control though, the same affiliates refused to discuss their claims.

Eventually Health Control reached Inger Sverresson, general manager for Norway, who advised via email PM International would

be happy to answer your questions (through) our public relations department at our Luxembourg headquarters, which handles all inquiries from the media.

Upon contacting PM international’s Luxembourg headquarters, Health Control was invited to visit the office and interview CEO Rolf Sorg.

Health Control agreed and a date was scheduled.

Then the day before the agreed upon date, PM International sent Health Control an interview contract.

Health Control researcher Marte Spurkland described it as “the wildest contract I’ve ever been sent during my 20 years as a journalist”.

PM International’s contract required Health Control to send them a list of questions at least five days prior to a new interview date.

Health Control also had to agree not to ask any questions not submitted in advance, with PM International retaining the final decision on whether Health Control be permitted to broadcast the interview.

If Health Control agreed to these conditions and later broke the conditions in the contract, PM International threatened 250,000 EUR fines per breach.

BehindMLM recently reviewed PM International and found a strong emphasis on affiliate autoship recruitment.

If that made up the bulk of PM International’s business (which it likely does), the company would be operating as a pyramid scheme.

Health Control appear to suspect PM International is a pyramid scheme too, referring to it as much in their article covering the proposed contract.

PM International are likely aware this topic would inevitably come up for discussion in addition to the company’s supplements, hence their ridiculous list of demands.

You can bet any questions about the company’s business model would be nixed through their pre-screen. This would ultimately reduce Health Control’s investigative report to something you’re more likely to read on BusinessForHome.

Naturally Health Control rejected PM International’s ridiculous interview demands, describing them as “extreme conditions”.

PM International meanwhile claims the proposed contract was “routine and regular practice”.

Someone by the name of Florian, cited as PM International’s International PR spokesperson, claimed the company wanted

to maintain the right to a fair and ethical representation of our company in public.

Why that can’t be done via an unscripted interview without attached massive contractual fines is unclear.

(We have) a negative impression of “Health Control” and believe that the program appears to have a hidden and unclear agenda.

Now PM International are really getting into tin-can evasion techniques parroted by operators of scams over the years.

Even if Health Control had a “hidden and unclear agenda”, what does that have to do with an interview with Rolf Sorg?

At best Health Control can broadcast Sorg’s answers to their questions, what else can they gain from a televised interview?

By sending Health Control such a restrictive contract they (or any reputable publication or broadcaster) never would have agreed to, PM International effectively killed the interview.

Easier to do that than y’know, face the music.

With or without an interview with PM International’s CEO, Health Control continued their investigation.

The episode on PM International aired yesterday, with a synopsis claiming the show ‘looked closely at what the company’s vitamin powders really contain and reveals how PM International affiliates go on to earn millions.