PM International has lost its second appeal against a ruling in favor of Health Control.

The company is now considering whether to pursue the matter through the Strasbourg Human Rights Court.

Late last year the Norwegian television show TV2’s Health Control program (Helsekontrollen), aired an expose critical of PM International.

Based on their own research, Health Control concluded PM International was a pyramid scheme that marketed products containing sugar powder.

This didn’t go down well with PM International, who first threatened Health Control and then sued them after the program aired.

A separate defamatory complaint was raised the with Oslo City Police Board, who ruled Health Control’s program

was not defamatory enough for TV 2 to remove the articles from the internet.

PM International appealed this decision. The first appeal was rejected and PM International was ordered to pay TV 2’s costs.

A second appeal was filed with the Norwegian Supreme Court’s Appeal Committee, who denied PM International an appeal for a second time.

Once again PM International has been ordered to pay costs.

The Appeals Committee’s unanimous decision was based on PM International failing to

raise questions of significance outside the current case (or) any other reasons why (an) appeal (would be) tried.

Whether PM International will pursue the case through the Human Rights Court has yet to be decided.

Of the possible Human Rights Court appeal, TV 2’s attorney, Jon Wessel-Aas told Norwegian publication DN;

This case is not about privacy, but about critical journalism of a billionaire group.

A complaint to the Human Rights Court from such a company will probably be rejected.

In the meantime PM International’s $6 million dollar civil suit against TV 2, is scheduled for trial in February 2019.

Although the civil case is being heard on its own merit, already having three rulings in their favor will no doubt do wonders for TV 2’s confidence.

While we can’t speak to the level of sugar in their products, BehindMLM reviewed PM International in late 2017.

Based on its business model, we observed PM International had a strong emphasis on affiliate autoship recruitment.